Vermilion vs. Viridian 


Here’s another attempt to improve my florals.   I added a bit of olive green and light hooker’s green to viridian green here.    For the flower, I used mostly cadmium red with a touch of cad orange and a bit of alizarin crimson, preserving some white areas per the advice of some good artist friends a few days ago.   

I kinda like to see two complementary colors duking it out on the page.   I feel like this is an improvement over my last attempt at this type of flower.   Anyone wanna guess what flower this is? 

I just love weekends, now more than ever.     I really enjoy my day job (more now, because of art), but the chance to have some uninterrupted time to draw, paint, and throw some color around….honestly, there aren’t too many things better than that!    I hope you’re getting a chance to do a few of your favorite things this weekend, too!   Happy Sunday to you.    Peace.   

21 thoughts on “Vermilion vs. Viridian 

    1. Thanks Cynthia! I finished it late last night, and needed to get to sleep lol. I love when people post colors, as I’m not the most talented mixer. So I try to do the same (when I can remember, that is) :)). I’m glad you enjoyed it!!


  1. Is it a carnation? It´s wonderful, love the colors!!! I also love complementary colors together! Did you know that red/green can cause appetite? That´s why they put a slice of tomato on a lettuce leaf on the plates in some restaurants. 😊 Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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  2. This flower is so obviously a carnation! Great job! And I like how you left the bits of white to sparkle in the petals. Your shapes in the stem, leaves and calyx are really good, as is the mixture of greens you used.

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