Cat Xing


~Nancy Gibbs

I’m having so much fun drawing and painting from nature.   Animals and flowers are equally beautiful in their own ways, for different reasons, but again, if you want a whole new appreciation for a favorite animal, try drawing him or her.   I promise you’ll never look at your friend the same way again.

Happy Spring Tuesday, everyone.   Open your eyes and look at something in a different light today.  See where it takes you.   Peace.

44 thoughts on “Cat Xing

    1. Haha, thanks! I was going for the complementary colors, it was supposed to be lighter… I was just checking out your cardinal video, so cute!!!! I’m amazed at how close you guys are to it!!!


        1. As George would say, it’s not you, it’s me lol. We got back in from out of town yesterday and now it’s “back to reality” lol. Ughie. No worries. Half the time, it comes out nothing like I planned, especially with watercolor. I always have a vision of A and get B instead. I’m happy with the way the silhouette turned out though. There was a day I wouldn’t have been able to draw this at all! Not without many hours and tears lol.

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  1. Nice! And I like your quote about being bored too. Many years ago in art school the students (myself included) were complaining about being bored with drawing cardboard boxes day after day for weeks. Our teacher said the goal was to draw them until we no longer found them boring. I now so get that and incorporate that view in my life and art today.

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    1. Thanks very much, Rebecca! I appreciate your comments and visits. I’m often surprised at the difference between what I envision in a watercolor piece and the final result. In this case, I was pleased at the difference.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jill! This, like almost every one of my watercolors, was an accident. I did the background first, but it was uneven and leaking into the inside of the cat. So I decided to splatter it at the end with big drops of clean water. The effect I wound up with was actually much better than what I originally envisioned, so I was happy with it! Decided to add the blue to get that complementary color pop. I’m glad you liked it. I bet a bird would look really cool like this! I wonder if I did a flying gull in the same way….would I get the same effect. I never know with watercolor! Part of the fun, I guess. 🙂

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