Y? Why?

I tried to make art tonight; I had a few things in mind. None of them worked out. But I wanted to post something, so here’s…..something.


My heart is heavy for the City of Baltimore tonight, and for the surrounding areas. What happened to Freddie Gray and to others before him isn’t a black problem; it’s a people problem. It’s a human issue.  We stand together. 

I do feel that there is light, that the light is beginning to pour in, which I tried to show in my artwork tonight. We still have a long way to go, I believe. Peace.

24 thoughts on “Y? Why?

  1. Immediately brought peace to what has been a very hectic day so far! Thank you for the smile, and as Jill puts it – your HeART! LOVE THAT! I love your HeART too! πŸ™‚ And Jo’s piece and peace. Such a beautiful group of blogging friends! πŸ™‚ Sad state in Baltimore – hopefully we are spreading PEACE and Joy in our own little ways. xx

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  2. I think that what you have here is beautiful. I think you can go on with it, developing it to give a clearer message. I see all kinds of characters in these backruns – monsters devouring and others are people(?) starting to pull together to clean up. They’re all overlapping one another. (For some reason, I see them all rushing off the left side of the page, probably because of the diagonals.)

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  3. Hang in there lady. It is a long road ahead of us all in the shadow of violence and privilege. This morning I reflected on this, feeling so powerless and frustrated as well. I know no practical answers – I have many idealistic ones. So there is love and speaking from the heart and deeply listening – always. And practicing life truthfully in the way that we can best manage – like your blog. Sigh – not so helpful but the feeling is mutual. ❀

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  4. I really like your thoughts about Baltimore. Love should be the answer on all sides. Not easy after so much grief. And I like the colors in your artwork – a quite unique choice and therefore special!

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