Good Sunday Afternoon


Kathy at the Backyard Bird Nerd took a whole bunch of shots of the rose-breasted grosbeak that I’ve been working on most of the week, and you may be tired of me mentioning them by now, but since tonight’s artwork looks like Plan E or F, then Sunday’s artwork it is.

You’ve already seen the guy in the upper left.  He’s the only one I stopped to do a bit of a step-by-step demonstration of, and I posted that earlier this week.

Clockwise from left:  Polychromos colored pencil (I think it was burnt carmine), Micron 005 pen (that’s the finest tip there is, I think), Signo 207 blue ink pen (just a gel ink pen I had in the office), and a Derwent drawing pencil (I ordered one open stock, just to test them out).

What surprised me about this is that I think I like the ink ones the best!  I guess the black ink one is my favorite.  Ink is very zen; I think I could get into it if I gave myself the time and space to do it.  I can’t help but be on pins and needles for a good while as I begin a drawing though, as that little voice inside my head keeps telling me “One wrong move and you’re dead!”  Oh, the unforgiving nature of an ink pen.

Although BB at bbs art and design recently told me that a kneaded eraser can actually be used on ink, not to fully erase, but to dull the lines down a good bit.  This really opened my eyes to the possibilities of the medium, for me.   Thanks, BB, and thanks to all of my friends here who I learn from every day.  I appreciate all of you much more than you know.

Anyway….we’re almost there, people.  Hold on, hold on…..we shall FLY on the morrow.  *flaps wings*

32 thoughts on “Good Sunday Afternoon

      1. Yes I think you’re right about games in August. As to the “for real”…the Mets are famous for winning almost no games after the All Star break, no matter how well they are doing before. So until then, I’m still skeptical.

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  1. Oh wow x 4!! You really nailed this bird. Love them all on the page in various colors and always learn something. Can you recommend a pen for me? Also pencils? I still just use a classic #2 writing pencil. 😕

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    1. I can definitely recommend a pen. I just got a six-pack from Amazon. They’re Micron black pens in widths from extra fine up. I’m on my phone now but I’ll post a link in a few. Are you looking for a graphite pencil, colored pencils, watercolor pencils? I don’t wanna assume it’s only graphite you’re after. I have recommendations for all! Nothing better than that new art supply smell lol. 🎨🙀💚😊

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      1. I wouldn’t mind recommendations on all but only when you have time no rush. After looking at your birds I’m nervous about my pathetic bird post for tomorrow. LOL. But we’re going with it and remembering that it’s a first attempt! Have a great day my friend.

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        1. Ok will do. Pressed for time at the moment; don’t let me forget. Loved your oops Mikey’s post this morning!! I haven’t even drawn or painted or anythinged anything for tomorrow yet!! Argh!!! I’m very glad you are!! At first you didn’t think you’d even try. I’m very proud of you, you’re doing great!! Lindsay would be proud tooooo 🎨😱💐👍❤️👏

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  2. Lovely! My favorite is the upper right (black ink) and my daughter (who just got home from college) liked the lower right with the blue ink. And I saw the reference to Camden…are you in Baltimore? I grew up there and was a diehard Orioles fan. Now I live in Braves country. 🙂

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    1. I’m in the suburbs, but my dad grew up in Baltimore many moons ago. You guys are very lucky to have Nick Markakis this year. We really miss him. So cool you grew up in the area!!! And thanks so much for your compliment, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. My daughter graduated college last May and now lives and works FT in VA for the college she attended. I’m an empty nester, drawing birds! This’ll be my first Mother’s Day without her here. Enjoy your baby/babies over there, Kathy, and I look forward to drawing/painting more of your photos, as long as you’re willing to put up with my newbie-still-not-so-good-at-this-art-thing self! ❤️


  3. Hi Laura – great sketches… Looking forward to seeing you beautiful bird tomorrow. All your practice is making a difference.

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  4. Wow! Great to see one bird drawn with 4 different mediums! I like the Micron pen one the best! Well done Laura! I have done quick sketches with the Micron pen, Zentangles and outlined drawings but for some reason never thought to do a drawing like you did with it. Thanks for the idea and inspiration! 😊

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    1. You’re so welcome, Jill! The great benefit for me here was I could bring up one blog post and draw all of those different poses from the photos shown. I’m finding it really valuable to approach the exact same bird from so many different angles! I’m a lazy artist, lol, and having one post for every sketch I wanted to do was a big plus for me. Thanks for your vote; I think that one is my favorite too (can’t remember if I put that in my post, lol, oh I need those Alzheimer’s drugs).

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  5. I’ve been standing here looking at them to pick my favourite one… and it has taken me quite a while …. I still can’t decide. They are all so lovely- great work.

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  6. Those birdies are all wonderful!!! I also like the inky ones the best, I think it´s because they got the most contrast in them. But the others are great too! Tomorrow is Draw-A-Bird-Daaaaaayyyyy!!!! 🐥🐦🐣🐓🐔🐤🐧🌞

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    1. LOL yes, thanks Ann! 😀 Thanks for your comment too about contrast. That’s something I tend to struggle with at times and I’m really glad you noted it. I need to focus on having those light, medium & dark values in each picture. I’m glad you’re excited about tomorrow!! 😀

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