I’ll share my journal….


I was encouraged and inspired by Jill at Jill’s Art Journal to keep a daily art journal. I’ve never done this before, other than what I post here, but sometimes my posts here really aren’t sequential, so I thought it’d be cool to do, a fun way to track my progress (such as it is). 

 Jill, you’ll be proud of me, I’ve kept my streak going for three whole days lol! (I’ve never been able to keep a diary or a journal in my life, and I’ve tried maaaaany times, so we’ll see how this works out.) 

Thought I’d share the first page with you. It is kind of messy, because I did a quick sketch in pencil of a mama bluebird feeding her chick before making a Mother’s Day card in watercolor pencil for my mom. So I almost didn’t share it, but then I thought: Life is messy. Right? So a journal can be messy too.  I hope you get a kick out of it! 

My cat, Penny will probably be starring in a few journal pages, as she’s usually on my lap when I’m sketching.  Unfortunately, she moves a lot, which is why the top sketch makes her look like one of the Whos down in Who-ville. It’s all good, I’m gonna roll with that journal and just experiment and have fun with it. 

I’m trying to swatch out my watercolor paints, because my memory really is that bad.  Other than sap green, ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and lemon yellow, I don’t really know what the other colors will look like when I get them on the page.  So….my journal is gonna be helping me out with that.    Actually, this exercise was very helpful, just making the page and printing the color names will help me visually to keep this straight. 

So if you’re curious, MG means M. Graham paints (which are my favorite, both for quality and value), CM means Cotman, which is the Winsor & Newton student grade line (which I find to be almost as good as WN), and WN is Winsor & Newton, which I find to be not as good quality-wise as Graham (colors don’t seem to be as rich in pigment) at probably double the price.   If seeing the colors on the screen helps you to choose wisely, all the better!  (Well, if you can read my writing…..I tried to write neatly enough so I could read it later.  hehe) 

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to all the moms of all kinds of critters, be they wing-ed, scaled, two-legged, or four-legged! Sending love and peace and lots of creative merriment to you and yours today.

21 thoughts on “I’ll share my journal….

  1. YAY Laura! I am proud of you! And I like how you are making the journal your own! Messy is good! I like how you have the sketches of the birds inside your cat drawings. Perhaps an idea for a painting? And I also like how you are trying different colors on your page. Some days I don’t get a whole page completed so I just do a half a page. But when I skip a day, I really miss it. I hope it becomes something you enjoy like a cup of coffee or chat with a friend. 😊

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    1. Thank you, Jill! Wow, a bird inside a cat, that would be a very good idea for a painting! Woo, you are the idea woman! I’m finding it to be a nice end of the day wind down. Hub and I usually watch the O’s play at the end of the day, and I’m almost always doing something arty at the same time (gotta grab that free-ish time when you can get it)! I wanna thank you again for your encouragement because I’ve tried journaling, keeping diaries soo many times but since I’m so obsessed with art, this may be the one time it actually sticks! ❤ Plus, I think of you whenever I pick that little book up, so it's got a smile built right in. 😉

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  2. Love your art journal, looking forward to seeing more of it!!! I also tried doing an art journal once, but it didn´t work out. I saw so beautiful pictures of art journals of real artists in art teaching books where they recommended to start one, but then was just disappointed by mine. It somehow didn´t look like art at all… Your´s looks great, love the blues, the birds, the cats, your writing and your “just tring out something”-style! Really nice!!! Oh, and thank you for your comment yesterday on my sister´s painting, unfortunately I can´t find it anymore… But I told her and she was really happy!!! Thank you for this!!! 💕

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    1. Thank you, Ann, what a sweet comment. I’m so glad you liked it. I’m really enjoying that journal, more than I ever thought I would. I’m so glad your sister was pleased by what I said. She could easily walk in your footsteps, I think! Is she much younger than you?

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      1. She is 2 1/2 years younger and slightly handicapped. Life often is not easy for her, that´s why I´m trying to get painting closer to her. It makes life so much more beautiful and you can do yourself so much good with it. No need of others. 😊

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        1. Wow, Ann, and you are so right about that! She is doing beautiful work, especially with you to guide her! Give her a big hug and tell her I hope I get to see more of her gorgeous work. She is brightening my Mother’s Day this morning. ❤

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