Just a Poem for Mother’s Day


Normally I post a drawing, sketch, painting, or doodle every day….but this post from Jodi at Life in Between inspired me instead to post a poem I wrote for my daughter on Mother’s Day, 2007, when she was 16. I hope you enjoy it, and don’t miss Jodi’s post, too, if you have a minute.

“Reflections of My Daughter on Mother’s Day, 2007”

You started out as a tiny seed we planted
with hopeful prayers one Father’s Day
And, like a miracle,
you took root and grew
Sprouting into a pink, wriggling wonder –
ten fingers and toes and your dad’s perfect nose
Wide-eyed and expectant, with the whole world
and your whole life stretching before you.

My fragile little sprout
became a tender seedling,
A grinning, chubby face,
plump little arms outstretched,
Fists filled with smiling yellow dandelions,
or clover, fresh-picked,
And a crayoned picture sprinkled with
special stickers you saved just for me.

From an eager seedling, struggling for
light and independence,
You’ve blossomed into a strong, intelligent,
proud, and beautiful young woman,
Standing on her own ground,
ready to blaze a new trail
Into a future shining with fresh possibilities,
and brimming with the fruits of your efforts.

This Mother’s Day, I stand in awe,
beaming in the presence of my daughter.
I see my baby’s first smile, and
my toddler’s first steps.
I see my Kindergartener’s first day, and
my teenager’s first guitar solo.
I see your first breath,
and your first Homecoming dress.

My pride overflows.
I see your potential –
the possibilities,
the promise,
the hope.

I love you, A.
Happy Mother’s Day.

24 thoughts on “Just a Poem for Mother’s Day

        1. WOW!! You must be a very busy woman! I only have my one girl, who graduated college last May at this time, and now lives in another state, working for the college from which she graduated. This is my first Mother’s Day without her, although we will see her soon. Sending love to you and your family; I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem. You’ve probably had many “dandelion moments” with your growing family. Peace and happiness to you, and have a wonderful day today.

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  1. This is beautiful Laura! Your relationship with your daughter sounds very special and precious. I wish I’d had that kind of relationship with my mom. We reconnected in the last 6 months of her life. I will always treasure that gift. Hope you have a nice Mother’s Day! ❀️

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    1. Thanks, Jill! We had a very rocky relationship for many years until she moved out. Now, we get along great. She and her dad were always much closer because I was in college and working and he had more time with her. It’s something I really regret, but it is what it is. I’m really glad you and your mom reconnected before she passed. I hope you’re enjoying your furry baby today, my friend. Thanks as always for your kindness. ❀

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  2. Love your poem! Very special. Your daughter is so lucky to have you for a Mom. Hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day yesterday! Jean πŸ™‚

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