I painted for the first time outdoors, and I really enjoyed it! This is the view (well, sort of, lol) from a freestanding swing Hub put in the backyard near the neighbor’s fence. It almost feels like being in the woods, being back there. A couple cardinals came to visit, and the little wrens, it was cool.

I used a little Cotman travel watercolor palette, which comes with a tiny paintbrush inside. You can’t beat it for about $16 at Amazon.  It’s about 5 x 2 1/2″, and has all the basic colors you need (12 in all).  It’s filled with little pan paints that I can refill as needed. I really love it.   When it’s opened up, it has three wells in the lid for mixing.  I could have used a waterbrush and I’d have been all set, but I brought an old jar I use for water with me instead, and used the little brush included in the set.   This was painted in my Strathmore Drawing art journal, which I totally love (thanks again for the encouragement, Jill!).   It’s 100# paper, and stands up great to these light watercolor washes, and everything else I’ve thrown at it since.  No bleed through, and virtually no buckling.  Gotta love it.

This is only the second landscape I’ve tried.  I’d like to do more, but I feel it requires lots of skills in perspective, which I lack. However, I shall motor on, because once I added the ink to this, I kind of liked it. The sun was one of the first things I painted in, and I didn’t feel right painting trees over it later, but other than that, it’s not too bad.  Well, the meadow kind of stops at the top of the fence, and I just realized I forgot the foliage on the tree in the foreground *insert shocked emoji here* but it was fun.  I expected much worse lol.

I know you all are dancing! The cardinals were already shaking their tailfeathers last night. Shall we join them? Hugs and peace to all.

37 thoughts on “Outback

  1. Great job Laura! What a peaceful setting. I can just imagine you on the swing painting. I have a little travel set too. Sakura koi I think. It was my first. Shakin my Friday tail feathers especially because I’m off today!! 😝

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  2. Well i love this. I hope you do more. I like everything about it, including your explanations and tools. Trying hard not to drive to Blick this weekend to buy a Strathmore Drawing Art Journal. But that looks like a good next step after I run through the current batch of paper. The sun in your drawing is unexpected and intriguing. It’s a fresh little scene. More!

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    1. It sounds like it’s a very good thing that Blick isn’t within walking distance lol! Thanks so much for your encouragement; I am now thinking of the different places I could paint from to keep the scene fresh. I’m really glad you’d like to see more of these. It was so much fun to do that I’d like to do more of them. :)) I do think you would love that journal. It comes in different sizes, too, so you’re bound to be able to find the one that’s right for you. Have a great weekend!

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        1. That sounds like a really good idea. Have you been feeling any pressure relating to posting every day? I feel like WP is becoming as much of a timesucker as FB was, which is why I got off it. I do love WP and the art community, so I do want to continue, but I think I may need to limit my time here to XX minutes in AM and XX in PM. You ever wonder about that?

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          1. I do think about that, but I actually get a lot of good ideas from you and others, which all feeds my interest in seeing and drawing. The one pressure I do feel is to try to keep doing something better so as not to disappoint you and others who stop by. But that is not an altogether bad thing. Next year I’ll be teaching again so I’ll have to make a break. I don’t spend any time on Facebook–that is too colossal a waste of time for me.

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            1. It is a very encouraging, warm, inspirational environment here, no doubt. (And ditto your thoughts re: FB) No worries re: the pressure you’re feeling – I think more about encouraging you and supporting your efforts. I love to see your work improve, but we’re all on our own journey, and what you produce is what you were supposed to produce, so it could never be a disappointment.

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  3. This is nice! Wow, drawing outside is great! I find it rather difficult to focus when drawing outdoors, as there is always something distracting me. The worst is the when the wind blows my hair and it tickles my face (or goes over my eyes). Back to your art, your thoughtful comments on your own work is not noticeable, it looks like it was meant to be. (We ourselves can be the worst critics of our own creations, so don’t be too hard on yourself.) Really do like your approach and your perspective painting!

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  4. A lovely landscape Laura! You are in the swing of painting! This looks like it would take some time to do. Glad you enjoyed painting in your journal! Shake those tail feathers! 😊😊😊

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    1. No worries, I will, Jill! 😀 It was about an hour, actually, so I guess that was awhile for something just for the art journal. Prancer’s little gravesite is back there, and it was the one-year anniversary of his passing yesterday, so it was nice to have a quiet moment back there with him. He was our black kitty and he was 100% loverboy. We really miss him.

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    1. I’m so glad you like it, too! Thanks for the encouragement. I thought painting outside would be much harder than I thought. I was pleasantly surprised! It was a very relaxing time out there with the birds and the trees. I know it won’t work for me when the weather gets too warm, but it’s great fun right now.

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  5. Beautifully done! Thanks for mentioning the Cotman travel kit, because I need one and yhat is a great price…I also came across this Etsy shop, The Pocket Painter, that sells travel paint sets made out of altoid tins. You can get them empty or filled for a reasonable price although they don’t come with mini brushes. I would like one that came with a mini brush.

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    1. WOOT! hehe. I will do my best, Teresa. I’m more of a cool weather person than a warm one, but as long as it’s cool, I’d definitely go for this again. I really did enjoy it. That set is great, and I’d love to see you take Percival out and set him free and then see his adventures in watercolor. 🙂

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  6. Hi! Sorry for the late comment. I commented… the comment disappeared… and I just didn’t have the time to write another.

    Your landscape is lovely :-)! Like Sharon Mann said, the composition pulls the viewer right in. You’ve definitely got some good perspective going on. The orange sun, the ink lines, the little birds in the fence… so many pleasant little touches. Very impressed!

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