how to stop a killer…

Terrific post from Amy at 2me4art. I’m reblogging this to help her spread the word. We need to help the women in our lives get free from their abusers / domestic violence. This happens to far too many women in this country.

making it up as i go

DSC_0030 (1) from destroying the soul of a woman.

i receive the magazine, Esquire in the mail…love the articles. the April issue…the editor, David Granger wrote about the lives of women(domestic violence, rape, assault). He wrote, “This is unacceptable. This is no way to live. I don’t know if this issue of Esquire can do anything other then open eyes a little bit, as it has mine. Open eyes to the harm being done to women and to the anxiety too many women live with. And, if we are fair and just, it may also open eyes to the unintended consequences of some to the steps being taken to address our current difficulties” 

Blah, blah, blah…we’ve all heard the same stories. so often repeated, they no longer have meaning for us. domestic violence against women–one in three women will experience it in their lifetime. block it out, it doesn’t have anything to…

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