Rain Receded…

…Is it spring, is it morning?
Are there trees near you
and does your own soul need comforting?
Quick, then – open the door and fly on your heavy feet; the song
may already be drifting away.

~from “Such Singing in the Wild Branches” by Mary Oliver

…so I could make another outdoor sketch! 🙂

0518 1

I tried to get a little closer to reality with this sketch, as opposed to the last one. I still need to learn about artistic license, details to delete, and tons of other things, but I’m really enjoying working outdoors.

0518 2

I’m loving the swing out back for this, because the tree gives me lots of shade on warm afternoons, and the swing arms are great holders for my water jar.   Working from that little Cotman travel palette is great, because you don’t have all that many colors to choose from, so you have to get creative to get a variety of greens, for example. I’m finding that to be a good exercise. One of the things I really love about watercolor is mixing colors.

I managed to scare away two little bunnies upon my arrival, but maybe they’ll hop on by again tomorrow for a visit. Yes, Monday is here in reality, but we can always conjure Friday in our minds to keep a smile brewing and that tailfeather moving! Have a beautiful spring week, and I hope you go make something today. Peace.

27 thoughts on “Rain Receded…

  1. Painting and sketching outside is so wonderful! you’ve done a good job of mixing the microns with the watercolor, and a good job on the tree. You might want to consider (on this or the next painting) to make one side of the trunk darker and damp down the edge of the color (so you don’t have a sharp line) so that it looks more rounded and then on that same side, wash a light blue wash over the ground for it to be the shadow of the tree.

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    1. Thanks, Rachel, that’s good advice! I saw the shadow on the ground but it was a darker green, and uneven, and so I decided to skip it. The other issue with these outdoor sketches I’ve done so far is they are in my art journal, so they are on 100# drawing paper, not WC paper….so I definitely don’t seem to get the same effects I’d get in a typical painting. I should try this in my WC journal once, just to see. Working with the tiny brush is also a factor, lol. But if I were working in the WC journal, I could use the larger brush, because it could take the additional water. Thanks again!


          1. The one at the lake is used to being around people I think. It was munching away on the clover and didn’t run away too quickly. And I have a really nice camera that I’m still learning how to use – I think the phone cameras are pretty good these days too.

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  2. So true about the cotman travel set. I used to take that everywhere and always got stumped on greens. Haha too blue or to brown I always found 😉 love what you have done here and really like the little barbs in the fence. Really cute detail!

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