Six: Soft, sweet, speedy + slightly skewed structure


The other night, we’d just got ourselves settled into the Zen Den to see what the O’s were up to when Hub spotted a bunny outside the door.   I grabbed my art journal, threw myself onto the floor and did a belly crawl up to the French door to take a peek.   Oh my gosh, so cute!    I got about eight very quick, tiny sketches, because he moved about every five seconds, so for this post, I decided to sketch bunnies from random photos instead!

I worked on this for a few days, and then last night when I was ready to finish it up, I found myself all bunnied out, so I decided to sketch a barn in ink to fill in the corner.    Not perhaps the wisest decision to go right in with ink if perspective is an issue    I want to thank Kathy at Backyard Bird Nerd for sharing her lovely photo (which you can find here), and which I once again haven’t done justice to.    I really need to learn perspective though, and I’m not going to get there by drawing rabbits from photographs.    I see more buildings in my future!     Again, sorry for the bad art in the meanwhile!

Is anyone else in the humidity soup and looking for a reprieve?    Looking forward to some cooler, springlike air later this week.   And maybe, just maybe, a mixed media experiment for tomorrow.    We’ll see if the mixed media gods are sending grins or icy cold stares my way.     Hey, the icy cold stares would work for me at this point.    Happy Tuesday!    Thanks for stopping by.

37 thoughts on “Six: Soft, sweet, speedy + slightly skewed structure

  1. These are lovely! My favorite’s the bunny in the upper left corner.

    For perspective, have you ever learned about distance guidelines? I’m trying to recall this trick from grade school. xD I think the idea is that you pick a point on the page, and then you use a ruler to draw straight lines out of that point. So like:

    x x
    x x

    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x

    It’s a little tricky to demonstrate with text like this, but the above would be used to help scale objects that are closer vs. objects that are farther away. The angles you draw the lines at would depend on your perspective, I think, and the distance you’re trying to demonstrate. I think it helps to think of it as like 3D, with the point going into the page and the landscape that is closer expanding out toward you. This provides a sort of basic shape/structure of the landscape onto which you can map your object.

    I don’t know if that’s useful or just confusing, but if that trick sounds like something you wanna use, there it is!

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  2. I think the bunnies, and the little shed are lovely! I really struggle with perspective and getting all the angles right. I usually get them backwards! I recently read a tip about using an analog clock face to help draw the lines and angles by asking yourself, “Which number would that angle be pointing to if it were a clock hand in relation to the sides of the paper or canvas?” I’m going to be employing this tip especially with buildings!

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  3. I love when the bunnies start coming out at dusk – one of my favorite things after the winter keeps them tucked away and out of sight. Such beautiful work! and words! and i love skewed perspectives…it’s like when a singer’s voice breaks, you can see who they are 🙂

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  4. Fantastic sketches! I’ve always wanted to sketch in real time, little animals. I’ve had a chance with birds, but nothing as rare as a garden bunny. Impromptu art is the best! And I love that little barn! A

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  5. A week slipped away too quickly, and I have to catch up on my favorite fellow artists. So, stopped by and did a quick breeze through, and hope to get a closer read of your thoughts later. For now, I really love your bunnies! You really created such a nice look of softness with the pen. How are you liking working with the the pens?

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    1. Thank you! I really do enjoy the pens, way more than I thought. They call me the most when I want to add definition to a WC sketch, but they can be great alone too. Thanks for dropping by! I always enjoy your comments. :))

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