Teal Time

I am having such a good time with art journal pages. Unstructured and flying free, people!


After dividing the page with straight lines, I had smaller individual panes to work with. This took off a bit of pressure, and allowed my imagination to wonder what could live within the boundaries of those shapes.

I rubbed Inktense blocks inside a couple of them, and found in the rubbings the boat in the lower left, the goose in the upper right, and the floral/plant shapes along the left side. The rest was just doodles, patterns, and colors to fall in with the teal theme I chose for the letter T.  The piece of paper towel I used to blot the Inktense heart (top left) was used to make the heart motif under Jasper’s right wing. A little gesso “glued” it to the page, and provided some needed texture. I tried to leave large areas of white for the eye to rest as well.   I like the way Jasper breaks outside the pane boundaries.

I am loving the art journal page wind-down at the end of the day. Fun!   The best part will be five or ten years from now, looking back at the pages I made, and remembering times and phases of life.  Am I inspiring anyone today??  Come on, you can do a better job than this.   Take a few of your favorite colors, throw them on the page, and let the picture tell you what comes next.   Put on some tunes and roll with it.  It’s great fun.   Sending smiles and peace to all.  Just think:  tomorrow is Friday Eve!  🙂

28 thoughts on “Teal Time

  1. Oh Laura! I adore this!!!! I love the peaceful colors that speak to me at this time. This might be one of my favorite pieces of yours!!! Keep on keepin on!

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  2. Good morning Laura – Very cool, filling your journals with your joy for creating art is inspiring us all. I enjoy reading your upbeat posts! I also like using the intense blocks. The colors are so rich. Have a super day!

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  3. Love it Laura! ❤️Wonderful to see your creativity flow! I like to divide up my journal page too into squares. I like how you chose a color for your page. Good idea and yes, VERY INSPIRING!!! Clever use of the paper towel too. 🎨🌈💚

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  4. OK, even before you told us to be inspired, I remembered your “How to Draw Birds” tutorial, and tried to draw a bird myself. I had to make one up because I had no idea on the head shape for any bird I could think of, so I created one that reminded me of a Bird of Paradise type bird. Hopefully I’ll post it soon. Then I made up a Jay-type bird, and then I copied a hummingbird pictures from my field guide. They all turned out surprisingly well, so thanks for your encouragement! I am now thinking of starting an art journal. Wish me luck!

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  5. it shows you’re enjoying filling up your art journal 🙂 i was on this about a few months back too but got busy and the entries eventually faded to none.. you’ve inspired me to take it up again… have a wonderful weekend ahead 🙂 xx

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