Unrestricted, Uncaged

0521 1

Well, here is my first attempt at a layered, mixed media art journal page.   It was lots of fun.  I started with a few shades of Portfolio water soluble crayon, which I liquified with a stiff brush…

0521 2

Then mixed gesso with a couple of shades of acrylic craft paint and spread that on with a coarse brush…..and ran Hub’s old comb through it…..This was lots of fun.

0521 3

Then added splurts of watercolor tube paint (this is from the first set I bought at Wal-Mart for like $7….I’m putting that paint to good use!  😀    So, mixed that in a bit, trying to get a balance of light and dark values…..then took some lace and gessoed through that……still feeling like a first-grader in art class (so like, yeah, rock star cool…because we all feel like rock star artists in elementary school, and we all need to reclaim that, right?)……

0521 4

You know those end of the day, headache, kinda tired after work type of days? Yeah, those.

0521 5

This is good medicine for that.   My Strathmore visual journal with 100# drawing paper did wonderfully with this.  I am thrilled with that journal!    I also want to thank grandmalin and Jill at Jill’s Art Journal for inspiring my first mixed media art journal page!   Please check out their sites; they will both inspire the heck outta you.

Happy Friday Eve!  Dance like no one’s watching today.   Have FUN and make something special, just for you.    Peace & good, high-flying wings to you!

32 thoughts on “Unrestricted, Uncaged

  1. OMG. this is so gorgeous! Yesterday I said yesterday’s was my favorite but now today is my new favorite. Lol. this is just totally gorgeous. you rocked mixed media. The colors, the words, the layers – so random yet so In synch and purposeful my jjaw is dropped open. 😍

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  2. I see a theme in your pages – the color, the flying – what a wonderful way to express yourself. I love my journal for the very same reason. And it’s nice to create just for ourselves. Have a good weekend!

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    1. Thank you! I hope to rise to your level at some point!! I’m glad to hear I inspire you. We just live in a whirlwind of inspiration over here! 😀 It really was fun. Felt like elementary school art class. Is this how it feels when you do it?


  3. This is just terrific! I especially love the varied shades of blues together with the lace and white!
    And I love that you want to Bree claim that child artist – unfortunately many young kids don’t get that wonderful message of themselves as artists when they’re little.

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you like it!

      I agree – I was one of those kids, for sure! Everyone is a rock star in art class, but at home, my brother was the artist. There was no place for me with art. It was his thing. And he really is stellar at it, but I think his light was so bright, I was convinced I had no light at all.

      Mixed media is really fun, and I think it is much more accessible for anyone who enjoys color (and isn’t that pretty much everyone)? It’s a whole lot of fun to do.


  4. I really love the top crayon drawing…actually I like all the steps. Lots of energy. And the usual beautiful colors.
    And fun to see the process. Just trying different things is an important part of journaling.

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  5. Thank you. That’s good advice. I’m going to try and remember that. Maybe I need to make a sign……would be cool to really push myself to try something new. A great way to grow. Thanks for the encouragement (as always)!


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