Watercolor Whorl

My daughter sent me a link to a photo that I think could inspire some really nice artwork for the letter W….but it took more time than I had at the end of the day today.   So I shall table it for now, and bring out Plan B (a much shorter W)!

0523 1

This is a watercolor experiment starring Graham Naples Yellow, Graham Alizarin Crimson and Cotman Indigo. It would have been much crisper if a) I had taken the time to let the colors dry in between so they didn’t bleed together and b) if I had been working on something larger than a business-card sized piece of paper. I thought it might be useful to someone interested in those colors, though, plus I was running out of time(!) so I decided to go ahead and post it.

0523 2

This is also an experiment in the same vein. A couple of the petals were painted dry vs. wet into wet. They stand out like sore thumbs but I didn’t have time for a re-do. So what you have here are those same colors from above, plus a few others, such as the purples on my palette (which are all Cotman) plus Winsor & Newton Rose Madder, Graham Quin Rose, Cotman Cadmium Red hue, yeah I think that’s all of them. I hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday, and a terrific long Memorial Day weekend to all my friends in the States! Peace and hugs to all.

20 thoughts on “Watercolor Whorl

  1. Making me want to watercolor! Been so busy running I haven’t had time! Off to Cleveland today for a bridal shower and overnight with a bestie. No painting in my near future but soon. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration. Happy Memorial Day weekend !

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  2. Good morning Laura – It’s the surprise watercolor bleeds that make watercolor so magical. These are beautiful sketches of color. Enjoy the weekend!

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