I was inspired by Jodi’s post here, in which she painted a beautiful butterfly in watercolor. What I love about her painting is that she put her own spin on it, turning out a striking result in the process.

I tried something similar a couple of months back, which, for me, was to use a butterfly as a color mixing experiment. I used a Strathmore watercolor card, which is great for experiments, but might not be the best paper to use when looking for a good result. (Well, and how many green butterflies do you really see?)  So I decided to try a little repeat, this time a smaller version (2″ x 3″), with Arches 140 lb. cold-press paper, blue and red (rather than yellow) and without the wax resist, instead just leaving the paper in some areas for sparkle.  I’m pretty happy with the result.

The thing I notice about this painting now is this:  I feel like the outer wings are grabbing more attention than the inside of the wings, where the action is.  Should I add another glaze on the interior wings to punch it up?  Or leave as is?  I’d love to get your thoughts.   Hub is going to help me organize the studio/spare room/library/sleep cave tomorrow.  I stink at organizing and he is a genius at it, so I’m very much looking forward to this! Happy Saturday!

21 thoughts on “Dramatic

    1. I like it as is too. Good t-shirt design or multiples in different colors for textiles.

      Is Hub available by the hour? Better yet, by the job? I have a few days worth of the same to get to. I sure wouldn’t mind handing it over.

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        1. Pinned down isn’t good, certainly not for butterflies. Glad to hear you have artistic and organizational support. I know the value of that. Have fun!

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  1. I like it Laura! Sometimes if I’m unsure of what changes I’d like to make, I use a clear plastic sheet over the top and make any changes on it. That way you won’t ruin your painting. I like how you painted the butterflies middle. I never get the proportions right like you did. And good luck on the organizing! 😊

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  2. Hello. I really enjoy your blog and seeing your creations each day, and I love that you share even the projects that you feel are less than perfect. I want you to know that your gentle, peaceful, and caring comments that you convey in your posts have really lifted me up. My daughter was in a serious car accident on March 1. Thankfully she is recovering but still has a bit to overcome, and needless to say this was very trying on the whole family. Reading your blog posts brought calmness and peace to me when times were really tough, especially while I spent two weeks at the hospital with her. Please keep up the good work and lovely words. I just wanted you to know they have made a difference to me! With your encouragement I shall now go off to dance 🙂 Carol

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    1. Carol, I’m extremely moved by your comment. I’m so glad to hear your daughter is ok, and is recovering. I’ll send some prayers up for her and your family. I want you to know your comment was a huge blessing to me today. I appreciate it more than you know. Peace and wellness to you and your family, Carol! Enjoy the dance. :))


  3. Lovely Laura – I have no knowledge of watercolor so I wouldn’t be any help there. Because the outer edge is darkest it pulls forward, to get the inside of the wings more prominent consider lightening the outer winged area and darkening the inside section, or make the outer edging thinner so it doesn’t draw too much attention from what you want to be the focal point. In any event, I like your painting just fine as is.

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  4. The negative space between the outer most line and the color inside creates a cool transition, adding interest between positive and negative space.

    It would be interesting to see what it would look like if that negative space snaked it’s way further inside the wing, creating a bunch of little islands of those groovy red and blue hues.

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