Farmside Friend

pig 1st page

These drawings were inspired by a video posted by a blogger friend, Livingston Content, at this link.  Kirk is a writer and an artist; you can check out his art journey at this link.   I don’t often take the time to watch videos that are the subject of blog posts, but I’m so glad I made an exception in this case. Talk about 1.5 minutes of adorable!  (Seriously, you owe it to yourself to take a look.  Smiles guaranteed.)

pig 2nd page

I’ve had a thing about pigs for quite awhile.   Hub started liking them before I did (actually neither of us can remember who started it now, lol), and we have a small collection of pigs in the house.

pig out box smiling

We may have more soon, as I’m not sure where my little pigs-within-my-art journey will end, but I hope my little piggies inspired by Kirk’s post bring a smile to your Monday morning.  These were all sketched from stills in the video.

pig small

Hub & I made lots of progress organizing the studio/sleep cave yesterday.   We have workspace, people!  (Yes, it’s every bit as great as liftoff.)    Happy Monday, Happy June….and I hope you smile like a pig eating pretzels.

36 thoughts on “Farmside Friend

  1. OMG – that video is so stinking cute…… I’m so glad he kept her. 🙂 And your drawings are so much more sweet after watching the video. Love the one at the door. BIG Smiles on this Monday morning. Thanks for sharing Laura!

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    1. My pleasure Kirk, and thanks for the great drawing fodder. I may not be done with that little pig. My favorite one (but it’s hard to see in the pale green and with no ink definition, I decided to leave ink out of the colored pencil drawings) is the smiling pig in the lower right near the inked pig at the door. The pig had just bitten into the pretzel the man fed him in the truck. Oh, priceless smiling pig! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that video.

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  2. Piglets are adorable…grown 300lb pounds, sometimes not so much. 😀 Your piggies are very cute! I, too, try to draw watching things on TV, like nature programs. It’s really hard to! Because I’m usually watching them with the family, I can’t even pause the show and so the drawings are quite gestural and incomplete.

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  3. This little piggy cried weeeee weeee weee – all the way to your artwork. Cuteness. Oh, and funny thing – you did that Gollum comment with “precious” and that was the exact word my friend used to describe the watercolor I did for her of the palm and beach. How ironic. : ) Thanks again for all of your encouraging words. Question – what color pencil are you using for the piggy? Pink, red?

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    1. I believe it was burnt carmine and earth green Polychromos but I couldn’t swear to it C. The pinks in my set were much too pinky pink. The red wasn’t right either but I didn’t want a pepto bismol pig. 🙂 Oh, Gollum is a fave of mine too. He’s right there with the pigs in my head lol. Glad you enjoyed them. 🙂


  4. Pig eating pretzels! HA! Loved this Laura! Some pig sketches! And cute video too. I was thinking of taking my sketchbook to the fair this fall and drawing farm animals like horses and pigs! I like how you captured the personalities of the pig too. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Oh that pig had such a huge smile biting into those pretzels! 😀 I could have adopted her myself. She’d still get pretzels here, just gluten free ones. She may not have as big of a smile if she were here LOL. I like the little pigs.

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      1. I bet she would like the gluten free ones too and would be healthier! I think we all eat too much wheat! I have tried to eat less of it but it’s difficult because it’s in everything! 😊

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        1. I know. 😔 My body (and my daughter’s) hates it. It made me v sick for many years, but I had no clue….now I’m off it, and still recovering. I can’t tolerate corn either, and that’s in absolutely everything. The only thing I didn’t have to change (every product I use or eat) to get away from corn was my contact lens solution.

          I do think wheat is good for no one. Hub went off it to support A and I, and he feels better without it and won’t go back. He added organic meat and eggs, got off wheat (and got off egg beaters) and his cholesterol numbers went down. Believe it or not!

          Anyway sorry for the mini rant, but it’s not easy to have so many food issues. I dislike the kitchen intensely and art has saved my life and mental state, I think, because I have to spend lots of time there. Thank God for art and youtubes on the iPad is all I can say! 😊

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          1. Hi Laura! Would have responded sooner but major storm in my area so the internet has been down. I think going gluten free would be beneficial to me too as I have lots chronic pain & arthritis, etc so it would probably help but it’s really hard to make diet changes. Any suggestions?

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            1. Sure, Jill, I’d be happy to help. One website that’s been great is She’s written several cookbooks too that are wonderful. Another book that really helped me (info, tips and recipes) can be found at this link: I started with “It Starts with Food” and now they have newer ones too. My doctor suggested I go gluten free for 30 days, and I was in enough pain at that point that I jumped at the chance to end it and dove right in. But if you’re not there, I’d say just try it for a couple of days and see how you feel. (I noticed a few changes after two days, and lots more after two weeks. Not saying you’ll have the same experience, but …). The other thing I’d suggest is google this: 300 symptoms of gluten intolerance And see if you see yourself in that list. That might motivate you, if you do. I’m sorry to hear about your pain and arthritis issues, but I believe going GF could help you with both!! Sometimes just knowing there’s hope makes a huge difference.

              Boy, thank God for art, huh? Amazing how wonderful it is, especially when dealing with some of what life can throw at you. Also, my email is if you need anything else! I’d be happy to help, or just listen. 💜

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              1. Thank you so much Laura! I appreciate ALL this helpful info you shared with me! You are such a great friend! ❤️ I will look into your suggestions. Glad to know that going GF has helped you. I need to learn to put my health as a priority like I do my art. One day at a time, right?! Thanks again! xoxo

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                1. Ooh, one thing I forgot to mention Jill – if you’re looking for absolutely scrumptious GF bread, this one is wonderful:

                  Health food stores (and sometimes Food Lion also) carry it, in the frozen foods section. At Food Lion, it’s the frozen case down at the end where the organic food and produce are. The same company makes lots of GF breads, but the brown rice bread was my personal fave. (It’s not corn-free, so I had to go off it, but I promise it’s wonderful. It’s made with yeast bread, and in the toaster, it smells like the bread your mom used to make from scratch.)

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