Golden brown…..

0602 chipmunk

and more quinacridone gold experiments. *cue the ooohs and aaaahs lol*  I see Autumn.  Do you?   I was amazed what the quin gold did to some quite bold hues, changing them all…..into fall….  *cue the big smiles*

0602 colors

I also want to thank Kathy once again for her awesome reference photos of chipmunks. I was a little lazy and didn’t want to get into the details of his complex little feet, oh and the rock he was balanced on I barely glossed over the surface of, but I did enjoy drawing his little body and cute little face with several shades of Polychromos colored pencils (including a green gold – ooh….aahhh).

0602 color doodle

And just because the sky and rainbow were both amazing Sunday night before the storm, throwing in a couple of shots from my front porch Sunday late….hmm should have spaced them and now I can’t!  But they are the left and right sides of the same rainbow:

rainbow 2 0531rainbow 1 0531

Just like that, we already made it to Tuesday. We’ll be at the big bump in the week before we know it, people! Paint (or draw, or click, or whatev) On!

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