High Tide

I have that song stuck in my head by Blondie. Anyone remember that, or am I just dating myself again? hehe.

0603 1

Sometimes when you’re in a less-than-great frame of mind, grabbing the watercolor journal and attacking it with various colors and mediums does the trick. Not saying it’s always pretty. But it does the trick.  Brought to you by Inktense blocks, gesso, some walmart-im-trying-to-use-it-up watercolor tube paint….and water.  Magic.  Well, or not, but it did the trick for me in this case.  🙂

It’s all downhill to the weekend from here! Thanks for stopping by. Peace, love, and friendly waves (of all kinds) to you!

60 thoughts on “High Tide

  1. This is wonderful! The little spark of red is perfect.
    I just saw Blondie’s “Greatest Hits” at a library sale, but alas, the CD was scratched beyond hope, so I didn’t buy it. But it certainly made me remember all those great songs.

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  2. This is really cool! I like how the red boat contrasts with the blue waters, and I like the general style of this piece–I think it’s the way you used different mediums and the ways the colors mix and stand out in streaks.

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  3. That’s a fun Blondie song…one of their later hits, but defintely one of the three I always think of when I think of Blondie (after Heart of Glass and Call Me). 🙂 Hope you’re now in a better frame of mind!

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            1. Not allergic, just intolerant. Gluten and corn are my worst ones. They made me sick for years, and I had no clue til a functional medical doctor asked me what I eat. She changed my life in that moment! Thank God for good doctors. Yeah, so corn is in pretty much anything in a box or package in the supermarket. It’s called about 300 different things. I have to make my food from scratch, from ingredients as close to raw as possible, to avoid it. My food issues are what drove me to art, lol. So I guess it’s all good. I’m with you – love the sweets and the salties.

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      1. Almost didn’t post? Really??!! Well, I think we have to paint and draw and sketch to please ourselves in many ways – but I’ve learned from you and others not to be overly critical of one’s own work. Thanks for that lesson!

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        1. Clearly I need to learn it myself! This is one that started out in my head one way and I could see it was going far far from my vision for it, hence the frustration and all of the lines coming in…..which did help ease my disappointment, though, so it was all good. Almost felt like finger painting by the end. Was good for the place I was in that afternoon, for sure. There are things I like about this, but when I compare it to my original vision, it’s nothing close. Maybe that was a bonus in this case? Thanks for the encouragement, C. 💛


        1. It’s in a spiral-bound art journal, or I’d gladly send it off to you, Sharon! It’s still not my favorite, but thanks to all the wonderful comments, I do appreciate it more than I did initially. 😀 Thanks very much for your kind encouragement.

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  4. I like this very much. I’ve been wondering how to do more abstract images. You have accomplished something here: there’s a sort of peace amid chaos feeling. I love the way that light seems to work. Well done.

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    1. Kirk, I’d love to see you do abstract stuff! You never know; you may really love it! I hope you try it.

      I’m really glad you liked this one. Once again, something I almost didn’t post is well received. Not sure why, but it seems to always happen. I’m glad you’re feeling the peace. It definitely started peaceful. haha. 🙂

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        1. hmm… Maybe start with a favorite color(s) and a mood or feeling you wanna create? Or maybe you’d like to explore how a few colors might mix? It was weird for me too, at first, but as it turns out, I like it. I think it’s easier to communicate (for me) in abstract. Less thinking, more feeling and doing. It feels more like art class when I was a little kid. Fun!

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          1. I think you just gave me permission to just have fun. I like your starting points. On my Tumblr I track a few German abstract painters I like. I am deeply attracted to some of what I’ve seen. Thanks!

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            1. Woot! Awesome! Oh, please have fun, or else what’s the point. Goal-oriented is great, but everyone loved art class in elementary school because it was pure fun. I think we need to recapture that. Looking forward to Kirkistan Abstractions!

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  5. I really like it! I think you could scan it and make a print so you can frame it. It looks like a famous artist painted it. Really! It has an old world painterly feel to me. 😊 Good work Laura! 🌟🌟🌟

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      1. I think it could! I’m not an expert on the selling part but one never knows what other people will buy! I say keep doing what you enjoy and people will see the joy in your art! 😊🎨🌈

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  6. Wow, this one is so cool too!!! Completely different than what I know of you yet, but also really nice! Love how you used the various colors and mediums! Sometimes getting a little “messy” can free your mind. 😉💕

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      1. Unfortunately not, until now. Sometimes it happens though, but than it´s more like a “happy little accident”… But when I will have found my new place to live and have all my stuff packed out, I think I will start something like that too. 😊

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