After my first try at one of Garth Williams’ beautiful illustrations in the children’s classic, “Charlotte’s Web”, I was looking for another to try for the letter I.  Then I flipped back to the cover, and thought I’d have a go at something with color!

0604 2

I’d originally intended to sketch this in pencil first, and then go over it in ink and erase the pencil. But as I began, I could see an endless road of fussing and erasing….so I decided instead to measure where Fern’s arm started and stopped, and where the lamb’s head ended, how far up Wilbur’s snout started and use those as guides, and then go right in with the ink.  I’m really liking the marriage of Mr. Micron to Ms. Watercolor.  A match made in heaven!

0604 3

I enjoyed doing this.   It was a nice happy childhood memories revisit, too.  I think ink really has found its way to my artwork, for real. It is always scary, because I know there’ll be lots of errors I won’t be able to fix, but there’s a certain freedom in that, too. You get tangled up? Just tango on. That’s what Colonel Slade said, and I think he’s a wiser one than most of us.

0604 1

Happy Friday eve to all! I hear the music starting….

67 thoughts on “Illustration

  1. Looks Lovely! Love your delicate, sensitive line work and your beautiful watercolours. Hmm, was just looking at one of my pan sets of watercolours today; I love using them with a black fineliner pen too. Think, I’ll do something with them again soon. 🙂 All the best, Janette.

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  2. Laura, good for you for trying something new. Your Charlotte’s Web rendition is so charming. Watercolor and Pen are the perfect match. I look forward to seeing more art exploration. Have s great weekend.

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    1. Thank you so much, Kirk! I think it’s a real trick though to go from copying an illustration to coming up with my own vision for a character…..but I’m happy with the way this turned out. I’m glad you like it too. 😊

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        1. It’s all new to me, still, or at least feels new, and I don’t think I really ever noticed that the cover of Charlotte’s Web was actually done this way. I never really saw or noticed anything until I started drawing, I don’t think. It’s like taking the blinders off!

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  3. Oh, Laura this is FANTASTIC! WOWZA! Look at you go, girl! This looks just like the cover to me! I’m impressed that you did not sketch in pencil first. I like how you described the reference points you used. I have been learning how to do this in some of my drawing classes. I hope you will do more! 😊❤️🎨

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    1. Thank you so much, Jill!! I’d really like to do more….I need more covers! Or maybe I could take another of the illustrations inside and just add my own colors? What do you think? I’d like to try other books I read as a kid. I was thinking maybe Winnie the Pooh? Ooh Peter Rabbit!! Can you think of any others?

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  4. Hey Laura – great measurement and use of your landmarks! Impressive result. You have such a nice approach to everything you do. Honest, Free. Joyful. Always enjoy seeing your work.

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  5. I saw this one just now… It´s so lovely!!! Great job, Laura!!! I love ink and watercolor too, it´s the perfect match for illustration, I think. And I think a couple of “false” lines here and there just make the unique style of it. 😊

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  6. Really perfect! This speaks so highly. Drawing is seeing. I totally believe that copying is such a great way to learn and grow as an artist. I have a notebook full of my favorite characters copied from when I was a kid. Thanks for the inspiration to get back to copying some of my favorites today.

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    1. You’re welcome, and I’m so glad you liked this! I have checked out other books and I’ll be drawing some from them, too. Ink and watercolor together…..can’t think of a better medium marriage than that.

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  7. Thought I should drop by, and let you know I’ve said a few words about you and your lovely blog, on a post I just published. 🙂 The link I put in, to your blog, goes straight to this post. Have a great day.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m very happy for this connection. I am really looking forward to being inspired by your gorgeous colors and the humor in your work as well! I’d love to be a whimsical watercolor painter. We’ll see if that ever happens lol. Thanks again for the follow and for your visit and comment!

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    1. Tori, I’ve seen some of your pen and WC pieces in your gallery and they are gorgeous, and so delicate! I agree; they are two mediums that marry together well. This is one of the pieces here that I am kind of proud of; I always loved the book as a kid! Anyway, thank you so much. I’m glad you like this one. It is one of the few things I’ve made that I do like. I am much better at copying others’ work than making my own though! I have a lot to learn about composition. I’m working on it though. 💛

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