Kit….and caboodle

Welcome to my mind. It’s a little messy in there, huh?   This is what happens in my blog-and-make-art-every-day world when it’s time for bed, but I’m not sleepy.    I realized I needed artwork for the letter K, and decided to try and come up with something while waiting for the sandman. Hence, this drawing in my art journal.  What a way to mark the day lol.  🙂


I bought my daughter, a talented artist in her own right, a bunch of art supplies for Christmas, including a set of 24 Prismacolor colored pencils.  I was trying to think of supplies that she could take anywhere, that she could get lots of mileage from, and that wouldn’t take up lots of space.

0606 2

As it turned out, she already had a set of Prismas from way back when, so she told me I could keep them.  You can never have too many colored pencils, so I did, but I’d never really played with them until that night (and only because they were closer than my Polys). Well! What a surprise they were. I actually wound up liking them. (I realize that probably sounds odd, but if you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know that I kind of looooove my Polychromos colored pencils. If I was in Kindergarten, I’d want to marry them. hehe.)

0606 3

So after drawing the little raccoon kit, which was to be my subject for the letter K this alphabet cycle, I thought it might be fun to swatch out the rest of the Prismas to see what they could do.  As advertised, they do have a good, smooth color laydown, and blend well.  I still prefer the Polys because they are much less waxy and their barrels are a little bigger, making them more comfortable to work with for longer periods, but this is a great second set to have.  It’s a nice color range, and I was pleasantly surprised by their quality, too.    I enjoyed the colors so much, in fact, that I was inspired to sketch a little scene from memory.   Trees are so cool.  One day, I’ll be able to draw a convincing tree, but for an I-really-should-be-sleeping piece of work, I’m happy with this one.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, and that you get to experience a big dose of zen today.  Peace and pointy pencils to you!

27 thoughts on “Kit….and caboodle

  1. Cute drawings :-). And your expression of colour pencil love made me smile. Ahh… faux-tea parties and colour pencil weddings. Would the colour pencils wear tuxedo jackets and white tutus?

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  2. Prismacolors are all I use! I love their soft, creamy colors. Love your raccoon! WOWZA! And like your tree too! And that is what journals are for – to play! No rules to follow! YAY! Enjoy your day Laura! 🎨🌈😊

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        1. It’s the best, Jill! You’ve taught me so much. And that journal already has so many memories tied up in it that it’s one of my most valuable possessions right now. I told Hub the other day that if there was a fire, I’d save his love letters to me when we were dating, A’s pictures, my art supplies and that journal. He mentioned our cat. I said her too lol!

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  3. I have lots of different kinds of pencils in different colors, and I do notice they all have their own little ways. Not sure what I like best at this point, although I’m always certain when I DON’T like something.
    Very cute raccoon.

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