I’ve been sketching the drawings in this book by J. C. Amberlyn that I recommended in a prior post. If you want to learn how to draw almost any kind of animal, this is a terrific book to try. (Thanks again to Joan at Dusty Acres for pointing me in this artist’s direction.)


I went in with ink (Micron 005) directly, which I’m starting to get used to.  I’m learning that it helps to use a very light touch, so it’s not as obvious when I go astray.   I wish I’d taken a picture of this prior to adding the color.  I used the prismas because they were close at hand, then decided it looked better without the color.  Went back to erase….and nope.

The Polychromos do erase, unless you’ve used a very dark color and pressed hard.  With lines as lightly as I’ve used here, I could have gone in with the eraser, and you’d barely see any color at all.  I didn’t have the same luck with the prismas.  Too waxy?  Or maybe the kneadable eraser was the issue?  Not sure; I decided to just leave it and move on.

Happy Monday!  Yes, any day can be happy, especially if art supplies are waiting for you at the end of it.  🙂   Flame on!   We are art energy, and we be rollin’ people.  Peace.

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