Pregnant Bluebird


bird June

Some of us missed the actual Draw A Bird Day on April 8th and decided to celebrate it again on May 8, and on the eighth of every month.   Well, I think I was all birded out last May 8, lol.

Did I draw birds all week that week?  Maybe.  I still love them, but I’m not sure I’ve drawn one since!   So I’m posting one I drew and painted that week in my journal. It never made it to the blog, as it was rather…..out of proportion. So I decided to call it pregnant. hehe.   Hmm, and I’m pretty sure it’s a male too, so…..haha.

Does anyone want to carry on with Draw a Bird Day on the 8th of every month? I may join in, but can’t promise it! Definitely will do it next April though.  This one’s for you, Kirkistan.  Peace and a soaring wind to all!

41 thoughts on “Pregnant Bluebird

  1. I like your pregnant bluebird! At first I thought you had used some collage paper for the brown color on his breast. Then I see that you added texture with a ballpoint pen? Anyway, I like it! I think I will need to pass on creating a bird each month. I still enjoy this feathered friend but I am ready to try other subjects too! 😊🎨🌈

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    1. I don’t blame you a bit, Jill. I may not draw a bird for a year if I was you! The whole thing was done with Micron pen and I think the color was my actual wc tube paint. Boy, my memory is bad, it’s only been a month ago, lol. I’m glad you like my pregnant birdie. hehe.

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  2. I’ve drawn a bird just in time – about to post it. I also missed the official draw a bird day in April and didn’t realise you were planning on carrying on every month. Birds are awesome so I’ll try and join in again on July 8th.

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  3. Hey isn’t that the greatest thing about art – you can make a pregnant male blue bird! 🙂 Maybe he’s just a little chunky… I rather LOVE it! I love the swatches of color on the left too – something just wonderful about it


  4. Nice birdie! A cat would look at him and think “omg super tender feast” though. He’d best keep an eye out.

    Ha, I can understand feeling birded out. I want to stick to the resolution, but this month I did a doodle page that, while it definitely has some birds (one of which is quite prominent), also has a lot of other stuff.

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    1. Thanks! I used to do portraits too, and I got portrait-ed out, also. I may do another one soon but it’s been over two months since I last did one, I think. I go through subject spurts lol. Trying to figure out what my “thing” is. Who knows.


  5. I forgot it too… 😞 I´d love to continue, but there´s so much new right now I´d probably forget it again. Anyway – I love your pregnant bluebird. But maybe it´s just cold and he had to vapor…? Or he wants to impress some lady? Glad he made it to your blog!!! 🐦

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  6. I think your bluebird is fluffing up for warmth and all the fluffing went to its belly. It could happen! It is super cute :-). The colours are great and I really dig it when you use ink.

    I’m going to keep trying for once a month bird drawings. Life happens, so sometimes, like this time, I may be late.

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  7. I missed draw a bird day, but I have a bird in mind…maybe tomorrow? I like the tradition, we should keep trying. Your bluebird may have eaten a bit too much for lunch, but what a great face.

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