Over the weekend, I decided to work a little larger, which will allow me to explore landscape work a bit. So I’ve doubled my paper size to roughly 4 x 5″.  *insert shocked gasp here*

0609 1

In the first piece, I followed a YouTube watercolor tutorial fairly closely, while in the second, I used the techniques I learned from the first to try and paint the imagery that came to mind while reviewing some scenes I’d photographed a year ago last May along Skyline Drive, in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia.   Hub and I celebrated our 25th anniversary where our honeymoon began.  It was really cool!  We saw some bears and other wildlife, and had a good time.

0609 2

While looking over those photos from last year, a few leaped out and asked to be painted, but attempting to do so would elevate the work from a sketch to a painting, which at this point, I lack the time (and almost definitely, the skills) to do.

57 thoughts on “Newness

    1. Thank you, Graham. The tutorial called for a tree in front, but it was afraid I’d wreck it, so I left it out. I need to work on watercolor trees. Thanks for your comment! Composition and depth … so many things to work on.


      1. One of the many hard steps we face is the fear of wrecking something. I say go for it and if you don’t like how it turns out, don’t let it get you down. It’s painful when things don’t turn out. I’ve butchered my share of drawings and paintings. Fact is I mangled a lion drawing last night by introducing oil pastels which I always struggle with but it was worth it.Taking chances is something I believe helps us find our style as well as frees us from fear of not taking an interesting looking pathway.

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  1. Wow…that’s where we spent our honeymoon…and then our 10 year anniversary! You’ve captured it so well! Oh, the sweet memories! Ooooooooo….ahhhhhh! Great job! ♥️

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    1. Thank you. Smaller is better for abstract, but the paper felt huge to me at first. I may go a bit larger for another one I’m contemplating….a seascape. We’ll see. I’m glad you like these. 💛


    1. Thanks! I was moody while painting! It’s always neat (to me) when those emotions translate. I’m going to keep working at these little paintings, so hopefully….more to come. Atmospheric perspective is the first thing he covers in the perspective book! So this was a nice way for me to “get” that.

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  2. I absolutely adore these! I live in the area and you captured my home- my heart- so well! They are breathtaking. I wondered if you’d share the tutorial that you watched?

    And tell me if you decide to sell those! Heart.tangles (at) gmail (dot) com

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  3. The beauty of watercolor, I can feel the mountain air and the sunlight over the mountains is beautiful. Be sure to frame these Laura! 😎

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        1. I’m so flattered that you’d consider buying them, truly. I’m posting the third one tomorrow. They all have something on the back of them too! Not sure if that matters to you. And a very, very small uneven border around the edges on all three too. The third is a landscape orientation, the other two are portrait, but all are the same size paper (about 4″ x 5″). Would you be interested in them if I made them into a quilt, or are you interested strictly in the paintings? Please let me know your email address. Thanks again!


    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I appreciate that! Last night I tried to do a third, and it wasn’t to be. 🙂 But I was trying to do something a bit different……wasn’t able to figure it out quite. Got a cool little abstract out of it, so not a total loss. Will flip it over and try again! 😀

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        1. Ultramarine blue and a bunched-up tissue seem to work best for me for lifting out clouds, but the clouds in this painting were added with indigo blue and a very light touch on a sky with a barely-satin look. Add them too soon and they’ll bleed everywhere. Wait too long and they’ll have a hard edge. The tutorial was really good.

          I hope this helps! I really love clouds and spent many a frustrating hour trying to capture them in wc. Just like everything else, try try again! 🙂 You are really good at watercolor, so you should have an easier go with it.

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          1. Thanks. I mostly just let my watercolours do their own thing though. I’m not very good at achieving specific effects with them. Something to work on though. I’ll definitely take a look at that tutorial when I have some time.

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    1. Thanks, Jill! Yeah, I really like this size! I may increase it further here and there as I feel like I can build out a more detailed painting. I’m really working on clouds. I’d love to do a whole skyscape. That’d make me very happy.

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  4. Love this post because it made me think of “Country Roads” by John Denver. I think the lyrics say “Shenandoah River” somewhere… Do they? Hm… Wonderful pictures, Laura!!! I especially love the second one, what a beautiful light in the sky! Hope to see a lot more like these! 💕

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