I am really enjoying my time with my art journal. So much better than any diary I’ve ever tried (and failed) to keep! I’ve kept a daily record in it for a little over a month now, and what I’ve heard is correct: reviewing those drawings and paintings takes me immediately back to that time and place. With smiles to spare! Bonus. 🙂


I guess you could call this my first attempt at “urban sketching”. Not sure the homeowner would recognize his/her house, as I’m still learning about perspective, depth, balance, buildings, well, everything!    I really need to think first, and ink later, as I missed, you know, a few things like windows…..but I inked it and added color with my little travel watercolor palette from a little park bench until I decided best to stop the madness.   🙂

Hopefully that book on perspective I just bought will help solve the mystery of the drunken mailbox, and countless other issues, but it’s all good. When I make art, time stops. Everything stops. It’s a very cool thing. The go anywhere, do anywhere hobby. What could be better?

I smell a weekend coming now that we’re over the hump!  Look out, paintbrushes!  Peace and cool breezes to all.

22 thoughts on “Outdoors

    1. It really will; I’ve already had those moments with the 30 odd pages I’ve done so far. It’s gonna be so cool as years pass. I really love it. And hopefully I see progress in my drawings too. That’ll be cool to look back on as I try different subjects. Thanks, Jodi! :))

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  1. Hi Laura – you are enjoying the process and that’s what counts. Perspective takes practice and you are willing to put in the time. I too love the “here and now” experience of making art.

    Thanks for sharing today, I enjoy hearing about your art adventure. – Sharon

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    1. Thank you, Sharon, and thanks for the encouragement. I was sketching building and landscape sketches last night from an art instruction book and found that really helpful. Will try more tonight. I’m pretty determined! 💛

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  2. Great sketch and commentary. Besides, what’s a few missing windows and a drunken mailbox between friends? I’m with you on sketching: time stops and all is focus. It’s sort of amazing. And meditative. I like the near and far thing you’ve got going on with that tree trunk.

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    1. It is very much like meditation! Actually better IMO because you have something to show for it at the end. I’m glad you noticed that the tree was closer. The composition was so messed up in this from the start, and you can see the initial pen line where I was gonna put the house….haha but I was determined not to let that stop me and to press on!

      I guess I was hoping those initial lines would be covered by the finished work but I was missing the center window, not sure how to get the porch windows in, it was very awry, so I finally called it quits. Oh well, it’s a start. And it’s in my journal, so I can gauge my progress from there at least! This kind of stuff is way harder than birds, rabbits and that. It’s like a whole new thing completely. Art is kind of mind-blowing like that. You try a new subject and it’s like you’re back in kindergarten again.

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        1. It is! Animals seem harder probably because you’ve not focused on them. I guess we’re each meant to do do different things in different mediums too. Idk, I don’t find so much perspective in the animals. And they’re not like people so if it looks like a crow, people will know. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look like Rupert D. Crow or whomever. Hehe. I guess perspective is always there but with buildings it’s so in your face.

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  3. I like your sketch – and you even painted the American flag waving in the breeze! Glad you are enjoying the experience of sketching. What I’m learning in my art journey is that the practice of DOING that I improve. And not always as quickly as I’d like but drawing does open my eyes to the world around me. 😊

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