Red Ruminates, Recedes

I invite your interpretations of this painting. I’ll be curious what you all see, if anything!

OK, stages. First, I started with Inktense blocks, which I liquified in part, for texture.

0613 1


Then I added some watercolor paint, preserving light areas.

0613 2

Still felt like it needed something, so I added a bit more…..including two shades of blue…..

0613 3

And now it feels finished to me.  It was quite a journey!  I will sleep on it and see what comes in the morning. What do you all think?

Happy, happy creative Saturday to all!   Have a glorious weekend, surrounded in warm, yellow light.  Peace.

39 thoughts on “Red Ruminates, Recedes

  1. My first thought is sun sinking into the sea…but a little too flamey perhaps? fireworks! (over the Hudson River, or the East River or wherever Macy’s plans to do it this year)…and red white and blue too. Lots of movement.

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  2. LIke Jodi i thought of fire and water. Really sun and steam came to mind. But Lance is right too: it reminds of Blake. I really like the radiating in the sun bits and the roiling in the blue bits.

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        1. Yeah. I was that way at first too. Is there any particular color you really like? I love purples. So if I start with purple and an emotion, I can move on with that. And then the painting will tell you, I think. For me, I start with a feeling and a color, sometimes 2, or even a family like shades of purple going blue or going red. But if you love two colors together, maybe just start with them and see what happens on the page. You may really love it!

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    1. Thanks! I usually stay away from reds, but I love the complements too. Abstracts feel like pure fun, no attachment to the outcome (for me, anyway) and this is my favorite of my abstracts. Makes me wanna do more. Fun is good! :))


    1. I’m so glad you like it, Jill!! I may do something similar on good paper. This is in my WC journal (spiral-bound) like the last one of the boat. I really enjoyed this one. I was in such a good mood when I was finished. Very therapeutic! Making me wanna do more. :)))

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