I had a few pieces of business card sized paper left. Voila!  These little paintings are fun to do. This one might look good in a quilt.


 Jo, the colors made me think of you! I hope you like.   Jo makes art out of vinyl 45 records every day at   Her art inspires me every time I visit, and always makes me wonder and think and question.   All good things, in my book.   Good vibes and lots of fun conversation to be had at her place!

Happy Sunday. Flinging peace and joy to all who read this! Splish splash in purple puddles, wouldja?

54 thoughts on “Stormfront

        1. For me, small removes the pressure of composing and layering and making a real picture out of it. For you, it may really be easier! But these little paintings are easy for me. Bigger just feels more …. official and like I should know what I’m doing before trying it. Pressure. It’s all about the head though. Maybe I could talk myself out of it. Also, I get sick of things quick, so I like small pieces because I’m finished way before I get tired of it! I’m not bold and expressive yet. Baby stepssss. lol.

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    1. Wow, thanks Kirk! The reflections on the water are very easy to do with a dryish brush on cold-pressed paper (textured). It was fun to mix in the blues and greens I had leftover on my palette. I wish I could show you how easy this was. You’d be dashing out loads of them. This kind of thing is really fun to do. I’m glad you liked! Thanks for your kind comment.

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  1. I loved it, truly. If all of us think so, why don’t you? You’re doing very well…You are even giving me the push I need to return to painting/drawing…Just for me, just for fun. That’s the beauty of it!!! Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Beth, and I do hope you return to drawing and painting. I never knew you had done those things. Photography and painting are such wonderful gifts to have, as they feed each other.

      I actually do like this painting. I didn’t at first, but as it dried I liked it more and more. I may do a little series of these while those greens and blues are in my palette! I do hope you share your drawings/paintings, if you resume. Your flowers would be lovely subjects.

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      1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I draw now and again. I’m more interested in anatomy, would you believe? But I won’t be sharing them here. I enjoy so much yours and a few others art posts. Mine ( my posts) are for daily life and as you mentioned for flowers mostly in photographic images…
        Enjoy this beautiful Sunday. I wish you a wonderful new week ahead ❤️
        Warm greetings,


  2. Gorgeous! The colours are beautiful. Like inari said, you captured the feel of the water… and the sky. I felt an instantaneous connection to the sensation of looking at endless ocean and sky… the feeling of the wind and the sun, the smell of salt. Thanks :-).

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    1. Thanks! Jill, it was just drybrush technique. Really really easy. If I had to paint whitecaps on these little paintings I’d go blind and crazy, and not sure which one first! I’m glad you like it. I actually do too. Thanks again.

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  3. I could hardly wait till your site fully loaded so I could tell you how much I LOVE this one. That was before I even saw my name mentioned. I LOVE it! Blue Ocean what could be better? (Thanks for the shout out. I’m glad you have so much fun with the records.)

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    1. I’m so glad you love it, Jo! Would you like one? This has your name written all over it. I was gonna try and make more. I can’t ever seem to duplicate watercolors but if you’d like one, I’ll try it!


      1. That’s so generous of you. How could I say no to that offer? It’s funny that you say it has my name written all over it. When I saw it in my “reader” with any text, I got VERY excited. I loved it immediately.

        Don’t try to duplicate though. Seems like that would go against the nature of the medium and end up looking duplicated. Of course I would love one, but I’m enjoying your work from a far as well.

        Thank you!


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      1. Thanks. We like it too. Once someone knocked on the door just to ask if “musicians live here?” That was without any records on the steps, simply because of the blue and purple.

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