My attraction for watercolor is unquenchable! Ironic, huh?

It challenges me, it inspires me, it sometimes frustrates me, but when it works, in my mind, there is nothing more beautiful.    I thought I’d have a more detailed, larger landscape ready by this time, but I wound up going in a different direction (shocking, I know), so instead, here is another tiny painting inspired by this photo that I took the other day by the side of the road.

 0616 1

I’d hoped to get some gesture drawings of a small bunch of cows who used to hang out here, but they were all gone.       No moos in sight!    Barn was still there though, and there was a lovely thistle just begging to be included in the composition.

0616 2

I knew I wanted the barn closer in the painting than in the photo, but I think this little (2″ x 3″) sketch may have it a bit too close.   The thistle didn’t turn out quite as I’d wanted either, but that’s the nice thing about working small:  you can test out composition and color, and then decide what might work in the finished painting.  I think what I need is a larger, more detailed thistle to give the painting more depth.  I think in my case, I may need more miles on the paintbrush to make this work in a larger painting, but I’ll give it another try, hopefully soonish.

Have a happy Tuesday.     Smile like a cow in a meadow!     Chew thy cud like you mean it.   😉 Moos and peace.

18 thoughts on “Unquenchable

  1. What a wonderful photo! The perspective really makes it special.
    I like your barn; bigger is fine, but I would try it again with more foreground because that is really what gives the feeling of distance. Of course you probably need larger paper for that…and then you can do a more detailed thistle too.

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        1. It’s easy if you’re you! I appreciate your words, because I am working on composition. I still feel like I have quite a ways to go, but when taking the picture, I was trying to compose it as I would a painting. Maybe that helped. I enjoy taking pictures but only with something that’s “point and shoot”.


  2. I like your shading on your barn. And nice job on the tree next to it! I think your Thistle helps balance your painting. Look forward to seeing this a little bigger – perhaps a postcard size? 😊 A thistle would be fun to do on its own too – maybe add a little salt for texture. I might have to try that! Thanks for the inspiration Laura! 🐄🎨🌟

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  3. Ooh. That’s a wonderful photo you took! I like the vast distance it captures and how it has the flower up close and then the barn far away. Nice watercolor too. I agree with the consensus that a bigger canvas for more foregrounding and detail work might help.

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