Waterskiing Wildlife

My daughter’s friend found this cute article and she shared it with me the other day.   Oh my gosh, I just had to draw this squirrel!   Sometimes inspiration arrives when you least expect it.



Hope it brings a smile to your Thursday.    Do you hear the music?   The band’s warming up!   Happy almost weekend to you!  Enjoy.

32 thoughts on “Waterskiing Wildlife

  1. OMG!! How cute is that?!!??!!! This is so your sweet spot, Laura! Your drawings……. especially what you capture in the eyes……. STOPS ME IN MY TRACKS – E V E R Y time! Bravo! And how fun that this little guy is unexpectedly waterskiing! teeheehee! Smiles for a Thursday – almost Friday!!! YAY!

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    1. Haha thank you! Oh, I couldn’t resist this one. I tried to draw the awesome squirrel you posted the other day. I think I tried twice actually and I wasn’t happy with either one! Loved your photo though! I may give him another try. I do love wildlife. Thanks for your kind comment, Jodi. Happy almost weekend!

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  2. You nailed this one! WOW! Laura! This drawing ROCKS! You are a natural at drawing animals! Love how you also captured the playfulness in the photo. I wonder where they found this athletic little guy? 😊

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  3. We love watching our backyard squirrels being, well, squirrelly! They are so entertaining! I’m glad you shared this little guy with us. I wish you lived next door so we could share some squirrelly zen together :). Keep the love, peace, and dancing coming. I look forward to your posts \o/

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