You, Yourself…..and You

I’ve been keeping a daily art journal now for about six weeks (thank you again, Jill, for your wise suggestion)! I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to look back at my own little art history in this cool little book.

So, for the letter Y, I thought I would encourage all of you to do the same. I guess diaries are ok. But how many of us have tried and failed to keep one? I know I have, countless times. This is different. This is pure fun. It’s a great excuse to drag out the art supplies for a bit while watching the ball game, or before going to sleep at night.   Or whenever!

0620 1

Take this drawing, for example. I was very tired; it was time for bed. Then I realized that I almost forgot my art journal entry (egads)!   It’s messy; it was done in a hurry.   Ink can’t be erased, blah blah blah.  But it’ll make me smile every time I see this pretty flower.  Will it ever be framed? Of course not. But that’s what an art journal is about. It’s art without pressure. Art for pure fun. Art like a first grader, purely for the joy of doing it!

0620 2

 I’ve mentioned before that I love the Strathmore visual art journals.  You can find a selection of them here.   They take light watercolor washes, collage, Tombow markers and more, all without bleeding (and very little buckling, if any).  They’re inexpensive and portable.     They come in all sizes, with all different types of paper.   I promise you hours of fun and (hopefully) months and years of memories to look back on forever.   Something to pass down to your kids, friends, people who want to remember you!    Best of all, it’s for you.  No matter what your skill level, you will improve with a daily practice.  No one has to see it, so who cares if it looks good or not?   Just my two cents.

Happy Saturday, thanks for reading, and I wish YOU time for YOU today.   And I hope all of the dads have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend.   I’ll be making gluten free crabcakes with Maryland crab meat.  Looking forward to it!  😀   Peace, love, and lots of arty goodness to you and yours.

28 thoughts on “You, Yourself…..and You

  1. I like both your images, but the flower is striking. I love the way you’ve placed a deeper orange-yellow radiating from the center. And I love the ink lines. That is very, very good. Mrs. Kirkistan and I are crazy about crabcakes, so that sounds good. And now you’ve convinced me to get a Strathmore visual art journal next. The weight of the paper and your comments make it sound perfect. I’m actually moving through journals at a quick clip. What size do you prefer?

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    1. I’m glad you like my flower. Thanks, Kirk. Yay, crabcakes. :))) he he. Ok I prefer the 5×8 Drawing journal. It’s smooth enough for ink, yet holds WC paint (light washes). I hope you really enjoy it! Do you like any of the journals you’ve used so far?

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      1. I’ve settled on these 98lb Carson Mixed Media journals (5.5 x 8.5, and a larger one too). But the pages still curl. The smaller size is great carrying, but I sort of like having a 9×12 size around too.

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        1. If I fill a page with a light watercolor wash, I will get some waves in the paper, but not to the point that it really distorts the image. And I was amazed by the mixed media stuff I’ve done in this with texture paste and all kinds of stuff, collage, etc. and it holds up great. I really love this journal. When I finish it, I’m moving to another of their Visual Journals, which is the Bristol smooth paper. It is heavy too, and also a bit toothy, but I think numbers-wise the pound weight was a bit less. Just a smidge. Can’t remember either number now, but after feeling that new one, I have a feeling it’ll work out well too with the same materials I’ve been throwing at this one.

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  2. Crab watercolor with recipe post?

    Love your colors. And thanks for the journal inspiration. My “journaling” tends to be in project form. I have so many empty journals waiting on the shelf. I continue to enjoy your journaling moments.

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    1. Me too, Jo. I always had tons of journals (for writing) and never used them. Or, not for long, anyway. The art one though, is getting tons of happy use! I hope I’ve inspired you as you do me with your wonderful and thought-provoking work. ❤ I'm glad you enjoyed this.

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  3. So happy you are enjoying your art journal, Laura! ❤️ I will have to check out the Strathmore journals. Are you using one in the 300 or 400 series? Or is it called a Visual Journal? I have several of the watercolor journals by them that I have used for art ideas. Will have to dig them out and look at them again. Like your flower and baseball theme! 😊🎨🌈

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    1. Thanks, Jill! Mine are called Visual Journals. The watercolor ones are nice too, but bumpy. The Drawing Visual Journal has thick smooth paper with a bit of a tooth. It is the heaviest weight of all of their Visual Journals except for the WC journal. You’ve given me a tremendous gift by asking if I journal daily. I really appreciate it, Jill. And one day, Ash may be really happy that she has my journals when I’m no longer around. I’m glad you enjoyed these pages. Are you using any journals that you really like?

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      1. Love it a lot!!! It´s beautiful! Hope to find a flat soon too – it´s so hard in the bigger cities in Germany. You have to wait in line to only have a look at a potential flat… And then pass the expectations of the owner, beside a lot of others… Well, there´s always hope! 😉

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  4. Art for pure fun, yes! You nailed it. I love the idea of keeping a journal to dollop in at any free moment. No pressure, as you say- delightful way to stay creative while you watch a ballgame or favorite show. I’ve often thought of keeping a finger painting journal. Maybe, I’ll go for it thanks to your inspiring post 🙂

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