Easy Beginners Watercolour Techniques

Debi’s blog is full of wonderful information and inspiration for beginning watercolor painters. This is just one example! Have a painterly day. 🙂

debi riley

Easy Beginners Watercolour Techniques revolve around watercolours being fun, lively playful and forgiving!  They are so easy to correct mistakes, they really are perfect for beginners.

watercolour patio flowers debiriley.com Watercolour Patio Flowers soft edges in background, sharp edges in front…debiriley.com

These Watercolour Beginner’s  snippets and tidbits will  help get you started and keep you moving forward in a fun and fast paced approach.

Watercolour Beginner Techniques

With these 5 watercolour tips and techniques, the easiest & best way to get the results you’re going to be the most happiest with is to use Arches 100% cotton paper.  That way, you can correct any mistakes you make with ease!!

Watercolour Techniques – Soft Edges

In the featured watercolour Patio Flowers, the soft blurred edges in the background and the perimeters help guide the viewers’ eyes inwards and towards the more dominant focal flowers with the harder/sharper edges. Any time you paint on dry =…

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