Creature Feature

Browsing the blogs I follow a few days ago, I came across Inari’s post about a pastel painting of Dobby (from the Harry Potter series) she is working on.  Dobby was always one of my favorite characters, so we got to chatting, and we decided we’d each do favorite creatures and roll out our artwork together!

I chose Gollum, because any villain who asks “What has it got in its pocketsesssss” is a friend of mine.    First attempt, in ink:

Second, a different pose, in Polychromos colored pencil:

How can you not love him?!    He’s even got smile lines!

Please check out what I’m most sure will be a heart-stopping version of Dobby over at Inari’s place this morning.     She does such amazingly detailed work; I’m sure you’ll be inspired by whatever’s on her drawing board, be it man or beast!

We’re almost there, y’all!    Hang in a few more days!    Peace and plump pocketsesssss to all.   💜

59 thoughts on “Creature Feature

  1. Wow! Great job Laura! Look at you rockin’ the creatures now! Woohoo! Did you hear there is now a Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Florida? My oldest son and daughter-in-law were just there and said it is AMAZING 🙂

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    1. lol! I got his nose and mouth totally out of alignment, as I was trying just a quick preliminary sketch and by the time I got back around to the nose…..yeah it wasn’t aligned. I do love ink but it has its challenges. 🙂

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  2. Very nice. I especially like the ink sketch. I think you really captured Gollum well with that one. He was my favourite when I first read the Hobbit as a child. I loved Riddles in the Dark and was obsessed with riddles for a while after that. It made me carry over my attachment to him into the Lord of the Rings when I read those books later on.

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    1. LOL Jean!!! Oh, this is priceless!! I was pretty peeved with him for a bit last night and having an argument with him WHILE drawing the first one, which is why I think it looks so mean lol! Then I calmed down a bit for the second one. hehe. You really made me laugh, Jean, thank you soooo much! 😀


    1. LOL, thanks, Jill! Gollum is from The Hobbit – but Inari actually drew Dobby, who came from Harry Potter. I can highly recommend both books/series. They are wonderful! Talk about creative. Tolkien and Rowling are both amazing authors. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Well, or at least were scared by it! 😀

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  3. This was so much fun, I really enjoyed the team up drawing with you. Your sketches are very well done and you managed to show both his personalities. The first one is so eerie and you definitely get that scary feeling. I have to commend you on that ear.. and in ink (I always get the ears too small and have to re-draw them 100 times) The second one shows a softer side and I think by changing from ink to pencil it really contributed to that. Your sketches are great and you get a sense of atmosphere in your drawings 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Inari. I really appreciate your kind words. It was fun! Dobby is so beautiful over at your place. Your work always has such a finished look. So detailed and beautiful. Mine is done more on the run, at the end of the day, but I try to make the most of it, with the limited time (and skills lol) I have at this point. It was a fun celebration of British literature. I’m so glad you asked me to join you! :)))

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        1. Inari, sure enough, your comments were both stuck in spam. I know this happens to me too, when I go back to a post and don’t see my comment. Anyway, mystery solved! It would be fun to do this again. Are you interested in birds at all?

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          1. I am glad that we solved that mystery 😉 I was going to make a page on the blog to do this twice a month and get more people involved. We can always learn from each other and I really enjoyed the first one. What type of bird do you like then we can start with that one – I think working with others is giving me the motivation I needed 🙂

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            1. Well, many of us will, I think, be celebrating Draw A Bird Day on July 8th. (It was originally April 8th, but some missed it, so we did it on May 8th and somewhat on June 8th…..I got the feeling people would like to try again on July 8th.) So if you’re interested, I’ll probably start cheerleading for that on July 1.

              We could pick something totally different for the next one. Something summery…..maybe florals? And then anyone who felt like joining in could just do whatever flower they wanted, in whatever medium? What do you think?

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              1. I haven’t seen the Draw a bird day, I’d definitely be up for that one. I’ll have a go on Sunday at creating it. Are there specific bird species involved? (oh and I’ve always wanted to try florals) 🙂


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