Dawn? Dusk?


Trying to work on my skies in watercolor.   And beach scenes.   This is the kind of thing I want to be painting.   Anything at all to do with the beach, water, skies….especially at this time of year, it’s pretty much the only thing I think about when I sit down to create art.

This is about 4×4″, and stars cobalt blue, quin rose, azo yellow, and a bit of ultramarine blue and indigo.   Touch of viridian green as well.  Didn’t have much time last night; this was rushed to presses!   Might have more time this weekend (I hope).

Speaking of which, the weekend is so close, I can smell it!  Happy Thursday!  Peace.

51 thoughts on “Dawn? Dusk?

      1. Oh, did you get my other comments (I left it twice as it didn’t show on the creature feature) but after speaking to Sharon she said my comments didn’t show on her pc but on her phone? (I’m not sure what happened?)

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        1. Hi Inari – you mean on Gollum? I got a comment that says “nice, cuty and scary” from a user called mysiteexists that was posted twice but looked like spam? I assume that’s no one I know. WP sometimes takes its phaser gun to my comments, too! I’ll look again, but I don’t remember any comment from you on that one.

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          1. Ah nooooo, I posted early on and then reposted it again as it didn’t show, maybe spam? (not me on the account mysiteexists) If not give me a shout and I’ll post it again. Didn’t want you thinking I’m ignoring you… silly wordpress and pc.

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  1. You know what I love in this one? ItΒ΄s the light on the water. I think thatΒ΄s the hardest in painting water or waves: to get the little spots of light on it. Did you reach that effect with an almost dry brush? Have to try that out! Have a wonderful day!!! πŸŒžπŸš£πŸŒ…

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    1. I was going to tell you, so I’m glad you asked. Yeah, it’s just a dry brush technique, holding the brush parallel to the paper. Very easy to do. Would be a lot more white spaces if I didn’t go over it with different colors. Thanks, Ann, glad you like it!

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          1. I do but IΒ΄m afraid to even think about it. Last time I was hoping too and then the disappointment was really bad – so I rather do not speak/write about it. πŸ˜‰ IΒ΄ll let you know, wish me luck! 😊

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  2. Oh I do love this scene. I want to be in it. It speaks “dusk” to me for some reason and makes me feel very peaceful. It just “dawned” on me how much you love skies – your WordPress Cover Photo is a sky! Are you going to get to the beach this summer?

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    1. I’m glad you enjoy it, Jodi. Thanks! We usually go in October but not sure if we’ll make it this year. Had to replace the furnace a few months back and lots of other things need attention….and an older cat I’m not keen to leave for a couple weeks (when we go to NC, we like to stay awhile)….we’ll see. We may take some time and go back to the Skyline Drive area. I’ll be painting them all, as my skills permit. I’ve been taking lots of photos for years of wherever we land! :))) How about you?


  3. it’s so great that you have the devotion you have to keep pursuing this challenging medium….and it’s obvious you are achieving mood-creating results….and here’s hoping your weekend is full of beautiful dusks and maybe even pounding surf!

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    1. Thank you, but it is only drybrush, and that’s it. Takes two seconds (unless you’re like me and keep going over it with different colors). Hold the brush parallel to the paper and lightly brush the damp brush where you’d like the water. Seriously, no skill involved.

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          1. Alright, you’ve talked me into it. Next time my random image generator comes up with a beautiful ocean shot I’ll actually give it a shot at it instead of sighing wistfully and then cringing away in terror.

            I’m still not convinced that I’ll be able to pull off anything remotely resembling water but I’ll give it a shot at least.

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