I tried to paint it.   With Inktense blocks and pencils!  My favorites!

0626 1

It didn’t work so well.   But at least I took pictures before I totally wrecked it!   All’s well that ends well, I guess.   There’s also acrylic paint and gesso in there somewhere.   I’ll save you the third stage photo, where it all went awry.  hehe.

0626 2

Happy Friday to All, and to All an Arty Weekend!  Peace.

30 thoughts on “Euphoria

  1. Do you color with the Inktense blocks and then use a wet brush on top? I’m interested in how you combine them with the pencils. And are they watercolor pencils? You can definitely see drawing lines, but it also looks painted. I like the way the gesso softens it; I just think you should have left out the heart.

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    1. You have it right: color, then wet. Sometimes I’ll go over an already wet line a bit, which makes a darker mark. Oh I added even more hearts and gessoed over them too. The final piece was absolute crap. I tried watercolor before that – everything was crap. And they wouldn’t even rinse off because I used too many staining colors! One was ok until I overworked it. Very frustrating art night last night. Made me wonder what I’m even doing, to be honest, even messing with it at all. Until I picked up my art journal, ink pen, and a seashell and did some decent sketches I felt really good about. It was just one of those days. You’re right; should have left the hearts out totally.

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      1. We all have them. And sometimes we don’t know when to stop. That is frustrating indeed, when you decide to just add a little something else and it goes over the line. There’s always a new blank page ahead though.

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  2. Hey Laura – we can’t have success without failure. It’s the doing that matters. You are a doer and your followers look forward to your next success!

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  3. I think you’ve captured your euphoria! It’s a good exercise to try to draw/paint an emotion, or something equally intangible. The art director who led the workshop I attended a couple of weeks ago gave us that exercise: 30 seconds to come up with a drawing of words like “angry”, “spiritual” and “serene.” Hard enough to do even when you don’t have a clock ticking, but it really got you thinking!

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      1. Shoot! Didn’t mean to come across as flippant. Sorry. Euphoria is such a muddled term for me. I don’t see it as calming at all…it hits on drug induced states, artifice and spiritual cults. As well as other very lovely ones too. But not without connotations…
        So it is ironic that the practice left you unsettled. It is not a settling word in my mind. The feeling is different, but the word is packed. I probably wouldn’t touch it unless I was going for irony. Thus the comment about happy…

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        1. No worries, I didn’t take offense at all, Marika. It’s the blasted alphabet. I would have said happy, but I needed an E word. I think I’m calling it quits as far as the alphabetical blog posts; I used to need it to help me decide what to draw/paint, but I don’t have that problem anymore!

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  4. Your colors in your first photo look have similar colors to your sunset photo at the top of your page! So pretty! Looks like a new sunset photo? And I have TONS of those “failed” paintings. I try to use them in something else. They make wonderful collage papers cut-up. Happy Friday! YAY! 🎨🌈💛

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      1. You too Laura! Mine has actually started early as I convinced my husband to take today off so we can enjoy a long weekend at the lake. It is supposed to be HOT in the 100’s – so plan on spending a lot of time in the lake! 🐠

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            1. Maybe your heat is why we’re so cool on the east coast right now. We’re usually warmer. We’re set for a pretty big storm with a couple of inches of rain, so maybe we’ve switched places a bit! I really don’t tolerate the heat well at all, so I’m thankful for it. We had quite a lot of snow and ice over the winter though, so it’s a double-edge sword. 🙂

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  5. I like both images, the first is more intense, does have more clarity. the second has many more layers…. adding the heart, thats a creator’s choice – and the thing I’d say is then to make it stand Out! make it darker red/scarlet/pink. Really Commit to it! gesso softens up the underlaying stripy lines a bit, maybe take that further?
    gesso was a very Good Idea 🙂 your colour choices were wonderfully chirpy. whenever I paint, do art, I always get out 2 bits of paper to do 2 artworks not just the one. it seems to lessen the impulse to fiddle for me.

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    1. Thanks, Debi, for those wonderful tips and observations! Wow, I really appreciate your time and comments. You share your knowledge so graciously; I value that very much! These two photos were of the same piece, and after the second photo I really overdid the gesso, I think, at the bottom, and it just got grayish and muddy. It’s ok, it was only in my watercolor journal, which I save for this kind of therapeutic artwork, where I really just need to vent on paper. Mixed media work seems to really absorb my feelings well. On the next go-round, hopefully your advice will have sunk in a bit. Thanks again!

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