F is for ???

I’ve become a bit discouraged with watercolor skies, so I decided to revisit portraits for a bit.  (See my other Famous Faces at this link.)   It’s probably been over two months since I’ve done one, but I do enjoy them. It was a pleasure staring into this man’s eyes, I’ll tell you that.


Please feel free to guess, as I’m holding all comments in moderation. If you guess and do not see your comment appear in a few hours or so, then you’ve guessed correctly! 😀 I’ll reveal everyone’s comments/guesses later on this afternoon.

I don’t want to say too much about this person, and spoil the guessing game. Suffice it to say that he is a person whom I admire deeply, but not (only) for the obvious reasons. I simply admire him as a human being. I’m looking forward to reading a biography about him. If anyone can recommend one, I’d love to hear about it.

I got a big hand up from the raw umber Polychromos colored pencil.   I really cannot recommend these pencils highly enough.   This was done in a Strathmore spiral-bound drawing sketchbook.   The paper is nice, but only nice.   The plan was to sketch him there and then do the final in a Stonehenge sketchbook (perfect marriage of paper and medium).   However, I liked the sketch so much that I decided to go with it, instead.    I may revisit him in a different pose; he was (and is) a joy to stare at, in my opinion.

I wish everyone a peaceful June Saturday, and lots of whatever relaxation and renewal mean for you. I hope you make something beautiful. Sending love and light. ❤

58 thoughts on “F is for ???

        1. I think people we know are more difficult though! If you’re really interested in portraiture, I’d say try someone like Clint Eastwood, who’s fairly easy to recognize. I’ve tried drawing my husband too and it never works out either.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, all of the lighter browns seem to work well. This one is erasable, and I did need that in this case, as I freehanded it. Had to extend the nose quite a bit in the final analysis, so I’m glad I didn’t choose a darker brown. I love his eyes. I’m glad you like this one.

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  1. Pope Francis? I’m not too good at this, but what the heck…won’t kill me to guess. It IS a great portrait..love it nonetheless. You’ve captured that sparkle in his eyes…I can see that, and I’m not a portrait artist….nor a sketch artist….not even a crayon artist……👍

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  2. Pope Francis is my guess. Love this game 😝. You totally rock at sketching faces. You should do a self portrait. Throw it in one of these days and have us guess. Lol. I have no idea what you look like! I just know you are beautiful from your heart. ❤️

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    1. You guessed it, Jodi! I’ve been thinking about a self-portrait, actually! I love your idea to throw it in and see what people guess hehe! You’re awesome. And thank you for your kind compliment. Today, and always! You brighten my morning every day with your cheery, happy words. 🙂

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      1. OOOOOO – woohoo! Now I can’t wait!!! I always look forward to hearing from you each morning too! I was just telling hubby I have a few blogging friends I so look forward to “talking” with every day. Of course you were at the top of that list. 🙂
        Just back from a rainy graduation party. WIne time and chillin’ More graduation parties tomorrow…. :\

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    1. Thank you, Teresa! As always, you make me feel like a million bucks! You guessed right! I think I’m better at stormy skies, but fair-weather, puffy-cloud skies are a whole other matter. I’ll keep trying though. I don’t give up quick!

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  3. Wow! First of all: This is a great portrait, I think. With all the wrinkles in it, the shadows – really wonderful! I´m not sure, but to me he looks like Pope Francis… So curious!!! You have a beautiful weekend too!!! ❤️🌞

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    1. Thank you, Jo. Usually, about an hour. I think this one took closer to two, because I’ve not done one in awhile and also because I kept seeing things I wanted to fix. Other than MLK, I’ve never cared so much about getting a portrait right. There are still things I could fix about this, but I would’ve been fussing all night and finally decided to stop fussing. I’d like to revisit him instead. I do plan to revisit MLK as well. I’ve found the key to a good portrait is to choose someone I really admire. And it helps if staring into their eyes…..you see something inspirational there. If that makes any sense. I’m glad you enjoyed this.

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  4. Nice portrait of Pope Francis, Laura. Your soft marks convey your sense of his serene nature. Good portraits focus on the triangle of the eyes and mouth, and you captured it nicely. They also say the most identifiable feature of a person is the shape of the head – that if you don’t get that right none of the details matter. Looks to me like you nailed it. I saw the Pope immediately. Compelling portrait!

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    1. Thank you so much, Tom! You are correct, and I learned a few things from your very kind & informative comment! I didn’t realize the shape of the head was so important. I’m really glad you mentioned that. I’ll try and keep that in mind for future portraits. I do enjoy them. Thanks again!


  5. This portrait of Pope Francis is amazing. I don’t know which is more difficult to draw, his eyes or his mouth, but you NAILED IT! I love how you captured his smile lines. Thanks for sharing your special talents each and every day. I haven’t met you in person yet, but you are a blessing to me. 🙏🏼

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    1. Thank you, Jean. I was hoping you would like this one. I never know if a portrait will turn out when I sit down to do one, but I’m really glad this one did. Glad you enjoyed it. Gollum liked it, too! Lol!


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