Help me decide?

0629 pink purple gold yellow

I was feeling uninspired yesterday….

0629 pink yellow blue faded

until I watched a video lesson by Charles Reid on painting flowers,

0629 yellow blue

and all of the sudden I was stoked! And these paintings were the result.

0629 pinks yellow

Do you have a favorite?

I was so in the zone that I missed our local Open Studio, the first we’ve had in some time.   Hopefully, we’ll be meeting again next week.   I just couldn’t stop!   I’m starting to be happy with some of my florals in watercolor, and I couldn’t be more pleased about it.    I want to thank Jodi for the wonderful example she sets on loosening up.   Jodi, you inspire me constantly.    You all do, actually, but as I painted, I kept hearing Jodi whispering in my ear to let the water drip, keep it loose……and it worked!

Thanks again to all of you for visiting, for commenting, for encouraging me in this crazy art journey.    I appreciate you all so very much!  Happy Fourth of July week to my American friends!   Maybe I’ll paint more Fireworks at Dusk (thanks, Kirk).   Peace and puddly painty goodness to you.

75 thoughts on “Help me decide?

  1. I love all three of them! But the last red rose is the prettiest with that sparkle of light and I love the deep red and the sunshine yellow together…Isn’t it awful when you feel uninspired. ATM my dog Charley is recuperating from surgery..I was so stressed, my hands just went stiff and clumsy. I tried drawing a few times…gave up and started knitting;0) All seems well so I will be drawing again soon ;0) xo Johnanna

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  2. Oh Laura – you are so sweet! And I LOVE all of these – I have scrolled back and forth so many times!!! I truly think every one of them has something special about it. Love the bold colors in the first one and how the background creates another abstract image – like I see an owl in it on the top left. I ADORE the looseness of the second one! And it might be my favorite because of that! Looks so effortless and free and loose, and it makes me happy. The colors in the third are very striking with their contrast, and the yellow rose is perfection. The last one is sheer perfection also. The rose looks so real, the color contrast is superb, and you did a great job leaving white around the edge of the rose to really make it pop. They are all my faves – sorry – cannot pick. You did an awesome job on this. So glad you enjoyed!!! Hugs!

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    1. Thanks, Jodi! I love that you see an owl in the first one! Maybe because you’re so wise. 😊 I’m so glad that you like them all. I was wondering if that super loose one would appeal to you the most! Hehe! I think I like the blue background best. I’m thinking about possibly doing a series of these with different flowers and maybe opening an Etsy shop with them as notecards, prints, and offering the originals up for sale as well? What do you think about that? Do you think anyone might be interested in buying something like this? Be brutally honest, please. And thanks so much for the inspiration, Jodi!! :)))

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      1. O M G – this is so crazy! I just looked at Etsy last night as hubby and son have been encouraging me to do same. Tomorrow’s post on my site is a set of 4 stargazer lilies I did – one I really struggled with – but they told me all are nice. Anyway – I did 6 cone flowers last night – again after all in bed – just felt free and loose. So YES YES YES I encourage you to do it and let’s share the journey together! can’t hurt – right – we are doing it anyway – see if anyone is interested. You are so funny to say I am wise – LOL! First I thought it interesting that you would post this today, when my post tomorrow is so similar – four flowers that I wonder which people like best – then you mention ETSY – and I’m like – O M G – my soul sista! LOL!

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        1. Lol that’s awesome! And I agree, we’re doing it anyway, right? I do wanna look into it further though, not sure I’ll be jumping right in. I want to explore some options there and see what the best avenue is. Do you know anything about Etsy, from a shop owner standpoint? I’ve bought a few things there, but that’s really it. Not sure it’s the right way to go for me. Good luck to you with yours! You have a flair for this kind of thing, so I’m sure you’ll do well! I know zilch about marketing there though….which is part of my hesitation. You could sell your cards on there too (which I’m sure would do well, too)!

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          1. I am in the same boat – have bought before, but am just beginning to look into being a shop owner. Looks like there is a minimal fee for posting items, and then they get a small percentage of sale of each item. No cost to set up shop.

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            1. I’m looking at original watercolor flowers over there now….the prices and what’s for sale. And already thinking I’m not ready for this. Those people are good! Yeah, I don’t know. I’m going to talk to a few more people and see, but I don’t see myself bringing something new to the table over there.

              I really do want to start a second business, as art isn’t letting me go. I certainly have a passion for it, but I need to think it through and decide what the best avenue is for me. I wish you a lot of luck, though, I’m sure you’ll do well, whatever you decide to do!

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                1. Thanks, Jodi. I appreciate you saying so. I think it’s just my personality. I don’t leap into things. For me, it’d be a business I’d be launching, so it’s a whole other ball of wax. I’ll keep painting, it’s not like they disintegrate into dust when I finish lol. They’ll be there when I decide to take the next step (or not). I’ll be curious how you find it, and what you think of the experience. You have a flair for packaging though and all of that. It’s a natural fit for you, I think!

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                  1. It is kind of my “thang.” I am in “communications” LOL! Hubby tells me I get paid to talk. If it were only that easy. I write way more than I talk. But anyway – we’ll see how things go. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks for your feedback! Is there a combination of colors you preferred? I’m thinking about maybe making these into notecards. I probably should have said that in my post! πŸ™‚

      I think knitting is very meditative. I think it’s a great stress-reliever. Much like painting, sewing…..good for the soul!


  3. I think I like the bottom one best, and that’s mainly because of the contrast of both complementary colors and the tones of that color. Too often I get my lights and darks all the same tone, and there appears to better contrast and for me more interest in that one. Have fun!

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  4. flowers and their bright chirpy colours do wonders for Mood! your colours are all just gorgeous πŸ™‚ and they all have a great sense of luminosity as well. I really like the one with the all blue background …. its sheer, its simple, harmonious, smooth, and a silky velvet feel to the background. and, the flower fav. I think is the last one the red/violet with its hints of tonal nuances in play! πŸ™‚ All your flowers, Laura, have a wonderful cheerful feeling! Debi

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  5. I think they are all beautiful!!! It´s really this looseness that makes them extraordinary, the white of the paper shining through here and there. I also forget that sometimes, I think that was my problem with the deer and the girl. You did a really great job here. I especially like that the edges of the the paintings are not square, the color just stops where it´s supposed to. So cool!!! 🌹🎨🌞

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    1. Yaaaaayyyyyy, Ann likes my painting! :))))) Ann, I’ve been wondering what you’d think! Boy, that’s a great observation re the deer and girl. I do think the white is important. I’m telling you Charles Reid is inspiring the heck outta me with his floral / still life videos. I subscribed to Artist Network TV, and his stuff is great. He is finally loosening me up (and Jodi is helping too)! But I really needed this and he leaves lots of white. Also he uses lots of paint. His colors are amazing and he mixes on the page. Also key! And cleans the palette constantly. Another key! I was color mixing and getting a uniform puddle. He says never do that. If you mix green on your palette you wanna see three colors. I’ve learned so much from him!!

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                1. Yay, Ann!! Which one are you watching? I don’t remember him whistling, though they were playing jazz in the background here and there. Ooh, are you seeing a different one? *boing boing* is it about florals, landscapes, or something else? I’m so glad you like him!

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