Next try…

Another little mountain painting.    I do enjoy feeling transported to a vacation spot by simply picking up a paintbrush.   It’s a very cool way to fly.


Yesterday’s painting was nice, and I enjoyed making it, but I thought this time out, I would make a few changes to try and improve it. I’m working on skies, so I decided to make the sky a larger part of the painting, and rather than use the tube purple (Cotman Dioxazine) that I used in that painting, I thought I might get more color unity by mixing a purple with the color I used in my sky (which was all cerulean).

It went a bit pear-shaped, because in order to get the hue I wanted, it turned out that I needed more ultramarine and hardly any cerulean. I did mix each of the purples in today’s painting, adding more pigment and less water as I came forward….but they look almost exactly like the tube paint version I used yesterday…..probably should have used cerulean to get that color unity, hehe.   I think the purple would have been much cooler, and bluer, but it probably would have gone better with the sky.

I’m finding the July “paint a watercolor every day” project to be interesting, and definitely a learning experience! It helps to reinforce what I’m learning when I go back and try again tomorrow. Which is what I will do….tomorrow. I actually prefer yesterday’s to this one, but I may give this concept another try tomorrow, this time with a more dramatic sky, and see what takes place.   Or I may try something completely different, such as a bird, since Draw A Bird Day fast approaches on Wednesday!

Until then, enjoy your week, and thanks as always for your visits and comments/suggestions for improvement.   They are all greatly appreciated!   Peace.

52 thoughts on “Next try…

          1. Hey Laura – do you follow Sylvia at spanishwoods on WP? She has a beautiful sky post today that made me think of you. Sylvia features a photo either taken by her or her phenomenal photographer son, Wolfgang, and writes a little musing every day. Love her thoughts and photos and think you would too if you haven’t discovered her :). Here’s a link:


  1. Hi Laura, I’m following you a while now. You’re getting better every day; I assure you. Even today’s post is a great improvement of yesterday’s; though I liked that one too….You are on the way of becoming a great artist…

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  2. I really like this one. You did a wonderful job on the sky, and I think the purple and the green of the mountain in front are just beautiful together. Looks great, as if the mountain was covered by a lot of small bushes. Have fun with more mountains and birds!!! And a wonderful week for you too!!! 😊💕🗻🐦

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  3. Wow, Laura! This is remarkable! I want to be on the top of that mountain looking over at the sky. Beautiful depth, and love the colors. So breathtaking! You should definitely consider framing this one for yourself or to sell. 🙂

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    1. Wow, do you really think? I was thinking about possssssibly opening an Etsy shop. Not sure if that’s the right avenue, as it seems there is so much going on over there, how do you differentiate yourself? But I really appreciate your comment. I do feel that I am getting a better handle on WC and I do think painting every day is helping. Thanks so much, BB!

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      1. Yes, you should definitely open an Etsy account. Each artist has their own style, and I think their are buyers for each of us out there. We just have to find our market. It costs $0.20 for each posting, and then if it sells there is some taken out as well. BUT I think it is highly worth putting yourself out there. Do it! It may take time to grow it, but then you could be a hit right away. 🙂

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          1. I haven’t sold a lot of things from Etsy, but I like the fact that I can do it all from home. And it is nice to know that if I didn’t sell the art, it only cost me $0.20. I don’t have a whole lot on there as my other jobs get more focus. For now, Etsy shop is just for on the side.

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