Once again…

revisiting a mountain scene…but this time, with a more dramatic sky.

0707 painting

Skies in watercolor, for me, are still like a box of chocolates (to quote Forrest Gump). I never know what I’m gonna get!  I am starting to feel a bit more confident with my skies. I am (sloooowly) taking a Craftsy course on landscapes with Shari Blaukopf.   I’ve only seen the first few lessons, but I did review the sky lessons once again before jumping in to this painting.

For the first time, I used a larger piece of paper (5 x 8″) and the big (#16!) round brush that Shari suggested.   It carries tons of water, which took some getting used to (my normal brush is much smaller, a #6 round), but it kept me from fussing, and helped add to the softer dimension in this sky, I think.

For my reference, I took this photo yesterday afternoon from my front porch.  We are on top of a hill, and the view at times is pretty incredible:

0707 reference

I haven’t conquered skies by a long shot, but since they’ve been fascinating me since day one, they’re worth the effort.   I shall press on!   I wish everyone a peaceful and productive Tuesday, and hopefully I’ll be ready with a bird for Draw A Bird Day tomorrow!

50 thoughts on “Once again…

  1. That sky is wonderful… ooo I think that bigger paper and brush definitely works for you. How are you finding the Craftsy classes – I did one on wild animals and really liked it. 🙂

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    1. I like it, Inari! I’m subscribed to Artist Network TV, which seems to be an even better bargain for me due to the huge variety of videos and price per month ($20), but I do like the class. I’m glad you like my sky! Thank you. Another good subscription service I’ve found is Art Tutor. Not quite as much content as Artist Network at last check, but same price, which I thought was a bargain for that one as well. Have you ever tried either one?

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      1. I’ve heard of Art Tutor, but I’ve not tried it and the other one is new to me (I’ll have a look at that one, thanks). The main two platforms that I’ve tried is Craftsy and Sketchbook Skool (its also video lessons but it’s 4 weeks and a few different tutors – a lot of fun while learning online), other than that was London Art College for a bit. I like the idea of videos as you can go back and re-watch them. I still have some work to do and then that little bird is waiting for me tonight….. think he might be a quick one as time is running out. Have a great afternoon 🙂

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  2. Wow, Laura, what a sky!!! I think this is the best sky you ever did until now – at least what I saw of you. Amazing!!! Looks so beautiful, also the mountains, as if fog were creeping up among them. You should always work on this bigger paper with a bigger brush (if the motive allows it, of course..)! This sky looks really mighty. Reminds me of the skies I saw when I lived in Kansas 100 years ago. 😉 Curious about your birdie tomorrow. I´m already working on mine. 🐥

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    1. Thanks, Ann! I’m so glad you like the sky. I’m really trying to improve. I’d love to be able to do any sky at all, as I have tons of photos I’ve taken for years. Do you ever do sky paintings? My paper size and brushes are getting bigger!! Eek!!! lol

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      1. That´s really good, a sky requires room, I guess. I don´t really paint skies, they are more of a background in my paintings or drawings. I´m more interested in portrait or figures, all you can draw basically… And I think skies are really hard, because there is hardly anything more beautiful sometimes. It´s kind of like Gods canvas. 😉 But likewise there is no better medium for skies like watercolor, I think. Your progress is amazing at doing skies!

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        1. Aww thanks, Ann. Your figures are always amazing. I agree, there is hardly anything more beautiful than a sky. It is God’s canvas; what a great way to put that! I am thinking about possibly selling my work. Been mulling this over for forever! How have you been liking your experience with that? Are you happy with the platform you chose, and how it’s going?

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          1. You should definitely try to sell it, but I have to admit that it´s hard… I think on the platforms I´ve chosen until now I haven´t sold anything (society6 in the USA). I think selling online is really hard because there is such a lot of amazingly good stuff on the internet. And you can´t influence the print quality. I registered a small enterprise now here on Germany (to get a tax number and be able to write invoices) and I will try to sell my stuff now “in reality”. I need to find a real good print shop and then will get my stuff printed in good quality (postcards, buttons, posters, framed stuff) and then I will try to sell it to shops or on art- or flee-markets. Maybe that´ll work. Online I want to try out etsy and dawanda – but there you have to mail your stuff/prints yourself. I´m quite excited and curious about all of this. I think you should definitely also try it!

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            1. Thank you for your wisdom! I was thinking about possibly Etsy for originals and then maybe Artpal or society6 or a print on demand service for prints? I guess there’s nothing keeping you from submitting digital images to multiple print on demand sites? When you say you will try to sell in reality, do you mean by shipping yourself and selling stuff physically to shops? Have you thought about doing nursery art? I see tons of that on etsy. I agree, lots of really good competition out there, but your stuff is really good, Ann!! 💜

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              1. Thank you, Laura!!! ❤️ Yeah, I mean shipping myself and selling physically to shops, downtown to stationery shops for example… Originals also, on arts and crafts markets or on Etsy… Maybe selling nursery art to Kindergartens or day-care cnetres could be a good idea too, or selling stuff in old people´s home´s… As my experience with Society6 and similar platforms is not that “rosy”, I rather stick to reality… 😊

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  3. Oh so dramatic, i love it. I can hear the thunder. This painting is just like the sky’s last night in Las Vegas. We had a big needed rain.
    Laura, good to hear you’ve move up in paper size, this means more confidence! Beautiful art today.

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    1. Thank you! I can’t seem to ever make a sky look like something in particular, but I’m trying. At least the skies are looking more like some kind of actual sky, I guess. Getting there. Thanks for your visit and comment. 💜


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