Ten Times Ten!

I read a blog post yesterday that fascinated me.  Carol wanted to improve at drawing cats, and so she followed the advice of a teacher:   “If you want to get really good at something, you must draw it at least 100 times.”   This had my head spinning yesterday wondering what subject could be worth drawing 100 times.   While talking to my sister (the artist), it came to me.    Beach art!    That’s what really jazzes me.   It’s what I love most, and what I want to share with the world.

(2/100) Cape May Lighthouse, 5 1/4″ x 4″

I find water really challenging, or I’d do it all the time, but D said it’ll always be challenging until I keep doing it.   So.   100 seascapes it is.   Or 100 pieces of beach art.  Whatever.   Lots of water, boats and yes, lighthouses, people!    Maybe by the time I get to my 100th painting, it’ll be time to open that Etsy shop.   Or sell art on the street corner.   I don’t know.  But I’m gonna give it a go.   (Colors used:  cerulean, ultramarine, indigo, burnt sienna, raw sienna, cadmium yellow, winsor orange, rose madder)

Who’s with me?  What’s worth drawing 100 times to you?  Let’s get this paaaahty staaaaahted *cue the dance*!

55 thoughts on “Ten Times Ten!

  1. Hmm…I need a break from 100’s after I finish the grids (tomorrow!). But I’ll definitely be doing another (although less every-day rigid) at some point.
    This is really beautiful, I especially like the texture in the dunes.
    And you do have a feeling for the sea.
    I enjoyed that post about the cats, too.

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    1. I’m glad you like the painting. I’m not sure if I’ll be painting a seascape/beach art every day, but I like this concept of “get to 100” because it feels more like a specific goal to reach for vs. just get better at this, or keep improving. I felt like I needed something tangible. Maybe because my day job is numbers related? I can see why you’d need a break though, at the same time. But you have been doing one every day, right? I had promised myself to paint every day in July, and I’m already thinking to the end of July. Will I love painting enough to continue? At this point, I’d say yes, but I’m not even halfway there yet. I’m also drawing something in my journal daily, too. Lately I’ve been doing 5-minute head studies (again, after an online tutorial at Artist’s Network TV), and they’re fascinating! I don’t think I could do the beach and nothing but the beach for 100 days straight, but I do like having that number, for some reason. Sorry for the very long reply! I always appreciate your input. 💜

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          1. My biggest pictures are still only a bit bigger than A4. People tell me that’s still quite small and lots of people seem to work at least twice the size of that as standard. I would really like to see some of those for real instead of online – shrunk down to blog photo size they look wonderful and detailed but perhaps that’s a false ideal I’m setting up for myself because actually they’re much larger in real life. My recent tiny pictures look so wobbly and scruffy but then the photos online are actually bigger than the real thing!

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  2. This is an exciting concept. Go, D! Does this mean if I exercise 100 times I will no longer feel the fear? I have been wanting to return to my artistic roots. Fear has to be the culprit.

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    1. D is amazing. :))) Yeah, I think you have to give yourself permission to do something purely for enjoyment. If it turns into a burning passion and you feel the need to take it further, fine, but just do it for the sake of pure fun and see where it leads! I hope you do, Vicky! 😊


  3. Go for it Laura, a brave, determined decision! (I’m taking a less intensive route – maybe I’ll get to 100 of something eventually, but I know for sure there will be lots of other ‘somethings’ in between…). I look forward to enjoying your upwards progress, as ever. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Rebecca, I appreciate that! I don’t think I’ll be doing a beach subject every single day, unless I feel led to do it. I don’t want to make myself sick of them or feel pressured and squelch my passion for them. But I like having that goal in mind, and, maybe because numbers is my ‘day job’, it’s just nice to have that figure in mind – the idea that once I do 100 pieces of beach art, they might actually be decent paintings? And maybe they won’t, but at least I’ll be progressing toward what I feel is my “dream” at this point (which is to work at the artist’s coop at the beach where I like to vacation – which I would either need to retire or move house to ever be there, since it’s 7+ hours away lol). The whole thing seems crazy, but I still think it’s a little nutty for me to be so obsessed with making art every day. It won’t let me go though, so as long as the flame exists, might as well pin a goal or two to it!

      Thanks as always for your encouragement and input. 💛

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  4. Laura, I love it. I love lighthouses and seascapes. They’re my favourite thing. I’d buy that piece there off you right away once you open that etsy shop. You should look into getting prints done as well and maybe turning them into greeting cards, y’know that type.

    It will be really cool if you could pin them all to a wall or something each day and see your progress day by day.

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    1. Ooh! that’s a good idea, Fi! Wow, I’m glad you like this one! I had no idea this type of subject is your favorite. I’m really liking your idea, maybe something magnetized, as I’m not sure I’d like to stick pins in them. It’s a good thing I’m still making small paintings, or they’d not at fit! hehe


  5. It is all about practice…. if you look at One Drawing Daily he has improved so, so much since he started. 100 times of one thing is probably the way to go.. and it doesn’t have to be all at once. BTW I have Blutacked lots of my paintings to the wall – they are mainly 5×7″

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  6. It really works as a piece–the grasses emphasize the vertical, and the L composition along with lovely sky interest and free-hand drawn subject creates movement while integrating the choice of pallet (i.e. the colours work well together) and give us a sense of being there in the moment.

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    1. Thank you, Lance! Your analysis is very helpful for me also. I used a photo reference in this case but some happy accidents along the way mean that I don’t think the photographer would recognize his/her photo. But again, much of the composition work was done for me. I always appreciate your feedback.


  7. Love the beach/seascape pics. Your skies are amazing. I started off my Art du jour thing intending to sketch and draw and paint a hundred faces. I have branched off in bizarre directions. But the faces are my first love and you have inspired me to get back on track. Or at least think about it. I am kind of a trackless person….lol

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    1. Yay!!!! I was thinking about faces too! Have you ever heard of a 5-minute head study? I’ve been watching tutorials on Artist Network TV. I tried one last night; it was fun! That’s pretty easy to fit in to any schedule. Wow, that’s cool that you started with faces!!

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  8. Oh yeah :-). I’m a little turtle with opposable thumbs. Hmm… maybe I’ll be Etsy-worthy after 50 birds – still a few nose-wrinkling kinks to smooth out. And I’m going to try out your small drawing strategy. I’m working with 5.5 x 8.5 inch paper right now. Next time, I’m going to use 1/4 of that size. Speed the turtle up a bit.

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  9. Beautiful painting Laura! And 100 seascapes is an awesome goal! 😊 I started doing a challenge of 101 birds last fall and then continued it partly through May. I found a goal helped me create on days I did not feel like it. It also gave me a large body of artwork which is good to have if you want to sell your art. You CAN do it! (((((Laura)))))

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    1. Aww thanks, Jill, you’re such a wonderful cheerleader, and look at all the mediums you work in and the cool stuff you do! You’re living proof that working every day generates a bigger rolling ball of momentum that keeps us moving forward. Thanks as always for your wonderful comments that make me feel great about whatever I made! 💜💛💜

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