Unquenchable (reprise)

Yes. Still unquenchable, this watercolor gig I’ve got going on….

Maine: Pine, Rocks and Sea (3/100) 5 1/4 x 4 1/4″

Maine, from my experience, is one of the most beautiful states in the US. This is a slice of the Maine coast: bit of mountain, pine trees, rocks, gorgeous sea and sky….in short, heaven. I’ve not done it justice in this painting, but I believe justice may eventually prevail (perhaps after 100 or so more paintings?) Time will tell.  They call it Vacationland for a reason, I suppose.   😀

Colors:  cerulean, cobalt blue, ultramarine, bit of indigo, cad yellow, burnt sienna, rose madder, bit of sap green.    Once I run through all of the pre-torn small pieces of paper, I do plan to move up a bit to something larger.   Should (?) make painting a bit easier.

Happy Tuesday, and I hope you are either in Vacationland, or carrying a beautiful scene in your heart today. Peace.

26 thoughts on “Unquenchable (reprise)

      1. I did worry about that, but I was doing it for me, so…while the blog keeps me motivated, the work is separate from it in the end. I would say: so far, so good on the water theme. If you yourself get bored, that’s a different story.

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    1. Thanks! I had to totally redo it and also the sky, just ran the sky part under the faucet and repainted. It doesn’t rinse it off but I got rid of the hard edges in my clouds and added ultramarine, so the sky and sea were more a reflection of each other. Had to add blue to the pine tree because it looked like a regular tree! I’m learning a lot from the “paint every day” project! 💛


  1. I used to live in Maine and you’ve captured the scene beautifully Laura. It is as I remember tall pines, craggy coast w/bulging slabs of rock and the wonderful blue ocean. I can feel the sea breeze as I look out beyond – thanks for the memories!

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  2. Have you experimented with painting on beach rocks & stones with a sea theme? On rare occasions I’ve painted a scene (mixed media) while actually on the beach – leaving the duds as surprise finds for others! At the least they make doorstops if primed and varnished…..!

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      1. There’s one weathering out in the garden & I’ve a shot of a felt tip drawing on limestone done in France…. neat way for children to make a memento. Will post shortly.

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  3. Laura, As soon as I view this beautiful painting I immediately recognized it as Maine. Then I read your narrative and indeed it was Maine. Your art was very calming as I moved my Aunt Jean into assisted living. She has dementia. It was a very long, draining and emotional day for everyone involved. I viewed your picture several times throughout the day. Thanks for keeping me company on the journey. 🙏🏼

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