Maybe if I’d chosen different colors. I’m not a Winsor & Newton fan. It’s the only brand I can buy locally, which is why Blick (online) gets most of my business. Well, and Blick’s prices and service just cannot be beat.   They will happily accept returns of opened merchandise for up to a year.   Who does that?   Certainly none of my local craft/art supply stores.

7 x 5
7 x 5″ Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed

Anyway, many of you, like me, enjoy lighthouses, and I hope you enjoy this one. Colors: winsor red, winsor orange, wn rose madder, MG cad yellow …. and after the sky and water were finished (had to do a second layer of rose madder to pump up the sky, which is why I’m crabby), I used Graham colors (alizarin crimson, ultramarine, cad yellow) to mix my black, so the lighthouse at least would be vibrant. M. Graham gets my vote every time for price and quality, neither of which IMO can be beat. I’ll soon be trying Daniel Smith as well, as I hear good things.

Happy Wednesday! Is anyone ready for fall yet? Looking forward to those autumn colors showing up in everyone’s artwork. Peace and peppy paint to all!

49 thoughts on “Vibrant?

            1. You’re right but rotten paintings put me in rotten moods, and since I’m not a fan of the heat, I’m plucky enough already. I need some time to really focus, a large block of time, and a large enough piece of paper to make a decent go at it. Maybe this weekend but the time always seems to get away from me. And then, for if it bombs…..lots of chocolate in store!


              1. That sounds like a good plan! I’m just the same – never enough time and then if I do find the time and it’s a disaster I’m terribly disappointed and feel it’s been a waste of a whole afternoon 😦

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  1. What a wonderful image to wake up to, I only wish I was there in person, hearing the morning seagull calls and the tide rolling in.
    5 x7 is a nice size for a frame!
    Beautiful artwork!

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    1. Thanks, Jill! I’m so glad you like this one! It was fun to do….trying to stay away from surf til I feel more confident. The good news is I’m starting to feel better about my skies. I’ve tried to paint skies on and off for a year. I do think the Arches paper makes a huge difference. Thanks for your very kind comment, you made my afternoon 💜

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  2. Nice job on this one, Laura. beautiful sky. Another fab combo for a rich dark is thalo green and aliz crimson. it’s the dark of my scapes background.

    You have been so busy! I have a lot to catch up on in reading about your painting. I’m making a nice cup of earl grey and sitting down to do just that!

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