Oh, I’m having fun flooding my paper with water and then setting off fireworks with color.   This painting was inspired by tutorials from Birgit O’Connor.    I’m very happy that many artists have paved the way before me, and are happy to share their techniques and inspiration.    As have many of you reading this right now!   I want to thank all of you so kindly for your advice and feedback as I continue sailing forward.

7 x 5″ Arches 140 lb. cold-pressed

I think I could work on skies all day, and never get tired of it.   I’ll probably never get the chance to find that out, but a little time at the end of the day will do for now.  🙂

Colors (all M. Graham):  Viridian, Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna.   This one was fun; I really enjoyed it!    Did it turn out like I thought?   Heck no, but I am learning to love what the medium gives me.   It’s hard to go wrong with that attitude.   Took awhile to get there, but it was worth the journey!

I wish all of you a most creative, enjoyable, relaxing and peaceful weekend ahead.   May paint puddles prevail!

46 thoughts on “Explosive

  1. Wow – very cool – looks like a storm moving in. What a great attitude. Love it. Who knows what you can and will create thinking like that. Keep on keepin’ on by creative buddy! Hope to be seeing a beautiful ocean view for real tomorrow! 🙂 (Posts scheduled for the week already – hehe – am I a crazy lady or what?) I’ll be checking in! Hugs

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      1. Hope you’ll have fun with the books! I was looking at some how-to-draw-animals books myself. I found a book while on vacation on drawing the classical way (Atelier style). Am eager to get going on it, but have writing to finish up first. 🙂

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        1. I understand what this is now. Beautiful! Oh I can’t wait to see your animals done this way, if you are thinking of this. Question: is the idea to understand the structure of the animal better, and carry it forward into illustrative work, or are you thinking of drawing your illustrations more in this style?

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          1. Oh, I may have been unclear. I meant learning animal anatomy separately, not relating it to the Atelier tradition for learning how to draw the human figure, though I can certainly apply the techniques of the latter to the former. 🙂

            I was told by two different illustrators to continue life drawing every day and applying the knowledge to my illustrations, not necessarily to draw in that classic, formal style.

            So much to learn and keep learning!

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  2. WOWZA! That sky is AMAZING!!! And I like how you painted the white caps on the water too! This looks like a little larger piece of paper too? You are doing fabulous Laura! HAPPY Friday! 😊🎨🌈

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  3. Beautiful! It really appears like a storm is rolling in. I can feel the waves raging, the strong winds blowing, and feel the urge to find a safe place to hide until the storm comes to a calm. 🙂 Really do love your sky work.

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    1. Thank you so much, BB! I’ve been really working hard on skies and now, surf. I hope to work on them both in one small painting tonight. I thought I would never be able to paint skies in watercolor. I do have to let go of the result though. I try never to paint from a photo, but only let one inspire me. Plan B is always the best one in watercolor, I’m finding.

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      1. No lake. 😞 Just tiny ones. In Hungary there was lake Balaton near, which is huge and beautiful. In Spain it was the sea. Now I have fields and woods, it´s nice too. But if you´re used to the wideness of water… I´m about 600 km away from some cost, I guess. Haha, maybe that´s why I´m dreaming of bigger canvases. Then I´d have some wideness at least in painting. 😉

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