Daily Doodle-y

0723 journal page

Lately, I’ve been drawing something nightly in my art journal as a practice, in hopes it’ll make me a better painter as well. So the other night, Hub and I made a couple of small bouquets from his gardens.   Then I sketched the flowers in ink and went back in with my Cotman travel palette (pan paints) and added some color.

0723 bouquet one

We had a rosebud in a separate vase also, but by the time I remembered to take the photo (next morning), it had opened, so no photo of that one, but it is there in the artwork. I inked and painted it from one angle, then turned it completely around and did the whole thing again. The Japanese beetles are fierce this year; it’s not easy finding intact roses. I’m glad they’re blooming again, though.  Roses are challenging, but I’m enjoying rendering them as I get more practice!   And buds are much easier!  🙂

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe August is right around the corner?! Peace to you and yours.

38 thoughts on “Daily Doodle-y

  1. Good Morning Sunshine! How cute that you and Hub picked the bouquets! 🙂 The bottom right is my fave. Loosey goosey! They are all beautiful though. Great job and thanks for bringing beauty to my morning.

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      1. I’ve had chickens for about 13 years now. The hens aren’t too noisy but roosters can be (but you don’t need roosters to get eggs, so no need to keep one). We’re far enough away from the chicken house that I don’t hear our rooster.

        Also as pets go, chickens are no trouble at all. You don’t have to walk them or scoop a litter box daily. 😉

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          1. It depends on how many chickens you want to keep. If it’s just you and your hubby eating eggs, 2-3 hens will keep you in supply. I recommend the Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens book to answer most of your questions because it’s more in-depth than anything I can tell you. 🙂

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    1. Awww thank you Fabio! Your comment made my day because nature is really what draws me, always. Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you could put yourself in a copy machine and make tons more of you to go out and encourage others. You’re a natural at it!!

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    1. Thanks, Jill! That was Hub’s favorite too! I’m so glad you like them. I am finding them easier to draw. Focusing on the essence as some of the videos I’ve seen have emphasized is really helping. Not fussing on the details so much and flattening the feeling in the process. 💜

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  2. Watercolor is the perfect medium for these gorgeous flowers. You a building a beautiful repertoire of sketches and paintings.
    Happy weekend.

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    1. Thank you, Sharon! I appreciate you saying so. I did a whole bunch of loose poppies last night in that same journal. Not from life. I tried a new rosebud first. I do feel my florals are improving! Thanks again for your kind remark. Happy Friday!

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    1. Thanks, Rebecca, and I’m trying to find a loose style, capturing the essence. I don’t want to try and capture each petal (although that was my initial intent approaching flowers). It seems the final result is flat when I try to capture each petal, but when I go loose and free, I get a better result.


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