…and rocks! Working on both.   More to come!   Hopefully, they improve.     I think I may fall in love with painting trees.    Oh, I’ve hugged many a tree in my day (mostly of the Christmas tree variety, but still…)

0724Colors  (brought to you by M. Graham):  raw umber, raw sienna, phthalo blue, sap green, ultramarine, perm. green light, burnt sienna

Happy, happy FRIDAY to us all! May there be much dancing and merriment, spilling forth into the streets and into our spirits!  *cue the tunes* 😀

37 thoughts on “Evergreens….

  1. Oh look at you and those trees!! Very nice. The shape is somewhat developed and somewhat loose and the colors blended so beautifully. Love it Laura! Doing the Friday dance for last day at the beach. 😝

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    1. Enjoy, my sweet! I’m glad you enjoyed this. I’m hoping for a better result next time out. I do like the way the colors blended though. The rocks didn’t work out so well, but I learned from the experience so it’s all good! :)) Dance with the dolphins today!

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    1. Carmel, if you’re interested in exploring landscapes, I highly recommend Shari Blaukopf’s Craftsy class. You’re really good at people, so I can understand your attraction, but I love in a small town too and would love to really capture this rural landscape.


  2. Laura, I signed up for her class. I love her work. I know I need to go back to it. I loved watching how she did the drawing in pen. I got the big brushes and then got distracted by people and birds! Those Craftsy classes are a great value!

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  3. …I echo Graham, enjoying the loose and free attention paid to introducing darks and variety in the pines before the paint has a chance to fully set. It has a very lovely immediacy. And thank you for your very rich and lavish words left for me today. We are learning from one another, through one another’s eyes. I stopped attending demos a few years ago because I get so easily swayed by another painter’s style, or by their pallet, or by emphatically-taught techniques, and am too unsure to simply take the few points which will help me, and instead go home muttering that I am going to become them. And I buy the paper they talked about, and buy the brand of paints they talked about, and buy the brushes they swore by, etc. In the end, we each slowly work our way towards our own style, our own approach, our own self discoveries, and cannot help but paint as we ourselves are wont to do. So I do not ever wish you or anyone else to be swayed away from what your beautiful eye and sure hand and inner loves for subject matter quietly tell you to pursue. Your work is lovely.

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    1. Thank you, once again, for your encouragement, Lance. You’ve undoubtedly found your way to a wonderful style that is as full of light as you are! I’m glad you made the decision you did to fully pursue your own path. Wow, I’m learning so much from you and the other artists. And I’m learning even more, perhaps, from the medium itself. I feel like a giant sponge, and instead of becoming full, I feel the need to soak up even more. Maybe it’s the challenge of the medium that calls me so loudly? I don’t know, but the call is loud and clear, and I’m running after it with all my heart and strength. We’ll see where it leads. Thanks again, Lance.


  4. looking great, I especially like how in this you’ve chosen to mix and mingle paints and to vary the colours giving them more depth that way!! Yay! Lance made excellent points 🙂


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