What inspires you?   Lately, the flowers call to me to draw (and sometimes paint) them.   This is from my art journal from the other night.


I decided that the water in the vase should somewhat reflect the color of the flowers……yeah, I was pretty tired at that point.  🙂   The idea is cool though.

Happy Tuesday, and may refreshing breezes and lots of light surround you today.   Peace.

26 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Lovely colour combo! What inspires me? Hmmm, at the moment I’m experimenting with watercolour, playing with colour combinations and having fun in the process 🙂

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  2. Like the blue flowers next to the orange – looks like Lobelia and a Marigold? Lovely way you painted your vase too! I hope to do a little WC painting for my color journal today. 😊🎨 ((((Laura))))

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    1. Lol thanks Rachel! I’m startling to wonder if abstract realism might be where I wind up. I just love color and can’t seem to resist adding it in lately, whether I would ever see that color there or not. (Not even sure if that’s what abstract realism is, but it’s starting to feel like me. Maybe whimsical realism? I don’t know.

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