I tried to quickly ink in a sketch to watercolor, messed up the perspective badly on a building in the foreground…..and couldn’t cover it up with the paint. 0729 So I decided to use this as a scrap to play with color, and actually wound up liking the painting. Decided to crop the foreground/building out, and this is what remained!    Not sure if the mountains are too busy?   I like it, but there’s not much of a resting place for the eye in this one.

I liked the colors of the (now cropped out) foreground, which were shades of gold/yellow. I tried to kind of duplicate it on a fresh piece and (surprise) couldn’t, but maybe another time. Happy Wednesday, and I hope you dance today! Peace.

46 thoughts on “Jagged

    1. Wow, thank you for saying so. I’m glad your eye found a place to rest! I was a bit worried about that. I do kind of like the cropped off part here. But I think I’d like to try and create something with the golden (not as busy) foreground and see how that flies. Watercolor is a fickle one! Maybe today I *might* be able to give that another try and get it to work. I’m not holding my breath though. Thanks for your comment, C. 💛

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  1. Oh Laura – I love it! I looked at it on my iPhone this morning, but didn’t want to comment until I could look at it on my computer in FULL screen, and WOW – I’m so glad I did! It is beautiful. The large mountain on the left is certainly the focal point to my eye, but I am drawn to and mesmerized by the SKY! Just looking at this gives me such a peaceful feeling. Wonderfully done. Go dance (while crunching numbers) until you can paint again! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Jodi! I’m so glad you like this. Cropping mistakes out is a win lol. :)). I’m really beginning to enjoy skies, which I wasn’t sure would ever happen. I like the colors in this painting. I added red right into the mountains and it just blended right in. I like the idea of adding color you wouldn’t necessarily see straight in. I love color, so this really appeals to me. Glad you like it!

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    1. Thank you. I really appreciate what you’re saying about my color sense, because I’m starting to feel I should go for a more abstract feeling in my work where any color goes. I’m going to play with that idea but I really appreciate you reiterating that. It’s helping to steer me. Thanks!

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  2. …as others have commented, there is a liveliness and energy in the mountains and sky, and a suggestion might come in the form of losing the outline (which is a legitimate technique called cloisonné) simply because it doesn’t seem necessary as it confines the mountains and trees and forces the eye to hold them back in their expressiveness. Also, aerial perspective is when things furthest away appear to fade as they recede, and it helps a painting by giving your main focus more umph. So the question for this painting is: ‘what is the focus–what is the subject’. Some painters prefer to paint their subject first and then the complimenting elements after, while others don’t.

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    1. Lance, you ask a great question, for which I have no answer. I didn’t expect the sky to turn out so interestingly, and then I planned to add lots of color to the mountains. Now that the foreground was cropped out, it seems like they are warring with each other for attention. I am really bad at composition, and this was an ink drawing fail, so I really didn’t intend for it to be a painting. You make a great point as well about the ink. I took a class recently on ink and watercolor, and wanted to try out the cool pen I bought for the class (has a bit of a nib). I do like the two mediums together. But I thank you for your comment, because I start to wonder if it makes sense in a painting like this to include it. It is nice not to lose the pencil line when adding color, though.


  3. Laura, I like how you allowed the water colors to do what they do best. This study shows the freedom and blending nature of the water colors. Your painting adventure will continue to open new doors.

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  4. Laura, you’re too humble! I love your watercolor! It is strong and conveys emotion and feelings. And that’s what we need for this Wednesday. As always, thanks very much for the treat! Have a great day and, just to let you know, my fingers always dance freely on the keyboard when I write to you. 🙂

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  5. Real nice Laura – that sky draping over the mountains, awesome. I do like the colors used on the mountain – beautiful harmony with the sky. Wonderful piece – yes, frame it!!

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    1. Aww, thank you Jill. You are always so joyful and upbeat and I’m so happy to get your feedback today. You know when you have one of those days? For me, they’re usually the day after everything I tried art-wise the day before didn’t really work out. lol. Anyway, thanks again, I appreciate your enthusiasm for this painting. I may start to veer into abstract realism. I just want the sky to be the limit for color. I don’t want to have to think too hard about what color something actually is. What do you think about that? You’re so good at color; wondering if you’ve had this thought too.

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      1. Hi Laura! I totally understand what you are feeling. This is probably why I enjoy collage so much. Watercolor is challenging for me. I find it is more fun to make up stuff if I’m painting like seashells for instance. I struggle with making things look REAL. It can be good practice to try art that is challenging but I think I find the most enjoyment from being creative

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  6. Laura, your sky sings! the wet in wet technique for the sky works so well. the hills/mts with the softly variated colours within them – great. same with the foreground trees. Much progress in your paintings thats very evident, woohoo! go back & look at your very first ones, compare to this & see the difference! keep doing more of these typesTechniques 🙂 And, might I suggest some ideas for you?? 🙂

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        1. I got off fb when I went gf (it was sucking too much of my time) but I have a dummy a/c I use for purposes like this. I can try and find you. I pulled a muscle doing yoga and am stuck on my side in bed w my phone ATM 😕. Thank you v much for your help….as I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my art journey at present. (((((Debi)))))

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          1. did similar 1 yr ago, when dr said to ‘exercise’ tried yoga (reinjured my disc) tried pilates, (tore muscle in neck) tried treadmill (bilateral hip tendonitis) ……. i now say a naughty word to dr and their “go exercise” LOL fb is debi riley go to artist though 🙂

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  7. I missed this in this busy week for me. Wow. I love the color mingling you have in the mountains and in the foliage. If you would like a suggestion, if you put a thin wash of a blue glaze on the middle mountain, it would pop it back a bit and give greater depth, but i wouldn’t blame you if you left it alone. it is great!

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