No Dice

Um….I really need to learn patience.   Ah well, no worries, this rose will see a better day as part of some cool piece of art I haven’t even dreamed up yet!    Until that happens, thought I’d share anyway. 🙂


Also, Draw A Bird Day (the August reprise) is coming up this Saturday, the 8th. Not sure if anyone is still interested in keeping the monthly bird celebration rolling, but birds are fun, so … I will if you will.

Happy Sunday, and just think: the fall foliage will be showing itself before we know it! Well, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. I should probably try and learn how to paint trees, so I’ll be ready! Sending peace to you and yours this weekend. Enjoy!

53 thoughts on “No Dice

  1. I love the way the leaves merge and emerge from the ground. I can’t decide about the rose, should it have been more prominent or just as shadowy? No matter, it’s got a nice feeling.
    Yes, I’ll definitely do some birds too! (K.)

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  2. Haha – this looks just like half the watercolours I ever try – just looking at it my mind is telling me off for not waiting a few more minutes to add more colour 🙂 it’s a cool effect if you’re ever intentionally trying to achieve it though!

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  3. The rose is dreamy! I’m glad you reminded me about bird-day on the 8th; I will have to try and do a drawing for it. At the very least, I will try and post an old drawing if I don’t get around to doing a new one. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful rose bud Laura – it has the softness that shows the elegance that’s waiting to burst open. You’ll love painting trees – can’t wait for your autumn series.

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      1. I actually finished an underpainting yesterday for a close-up of a rose – not the easiest of flowers for me to paint, so we’ll see where this ends up. Thank you for your kind comment. Based on what you have already tackled and succeeded, I have a feeling that you’ll have no problems painting trees. I’m enjoying your flower series – have a wonderful Sunday!

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  5. Dreamy indeed! Rosebud in the clouds…I am looking forward to seeing it in more detail… That’ll be truly interesting to show your ability as an artist. And also looking forward to seeing birds…
    Happy Sunday Laura 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you, Beth! I was actually thinking about maybe turning this into a collage or art quilt, bookmark, something like that. I’m definitely going to be exploring roses further in other paintings though. I think it’d be easier to start with a fresh paper at this point. I should call this London fog :))) I appreciate your feedback!

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    1. Thank you! I only posted this because I had nothing else to post, but people seem to like it. I got impatient and didn’t wait for color to dry before adding more. I can never resist adding more color! The two posts prior to this were other watercolor coneflowers that I’m quite happy with. Lots of them in my artwork lately. I appreciate your visit and feedback, Bella! 💛


  6. It’s dreamy, and has a lovely color palette. I really like the creamy background. In photography we call it “Bokeh” It’s a Japanese word that means Blur. I’m a huge fan of Bokeh and isolating the subject. I think you did it very well here.

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