Oh, this alphabetical bloggy thing is a hoot sometimes.

my Strathmore MM art journal
my Strathmore MM art journal

Often, while browsing the blogs of photographer friends here on WordPress, a photo will beg to be painted.   This one, from Bella Remy Photography, was such a photo, combining one of my favorite flowers and favorite birdies all in one go.   I had lots of fun interpreting this photo fairly loosely in ink with a superfine Pitt Artist Pen (thanks again, Faber-Castell), and then going over it with the help of my watercolor palette.   It’s not often that a page in my art journal looks this colorful, but I couldn’t resist lighting this one up with pigment.  Thank you Bella, for knocking it out of the park once again!

The paint doesn’t flow nearly as freely in my journal as on watercolor paper, but man I love that thing.   I used to fill one page a day, but lately, I’ve been drawing to my heart’s content, usually at night while watching the O’s, and I may go through four or five pages in one day.   I just bought a new book (as this one quickly fills up), and I think I’m going to make it a goal to go through all 64 pages in a month.   It will sound art geeky as all get out, but I’m looking forward to one day seeing a shelf full of art journals, filled with memories and fun!   Lately, I’ve been enjoying drawing as much as painting, so maybe I should try and get a bulk discount on these things at Blick, lol.

Happy top of the week to all, and let’s go out there and light up the world with color.  Shall we?   Spread smiles everywhere, Artinistas!   We can do it!   Peace and puddles of paint to all!

61 thoughts on “Ornithological

            1. I took art all through high school and I never got better than meh. Never had the gift. It is in the family, but I never had it. Color, yes, but never drawing. It’s very weird. I sometimes feel I’m in a dream. Much like when I contemplate Donald Trump’s candidacy. lol.

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              1. Ah yes The Donald. At least he’s amusing.
                You probably already had someone in the role of artist in your family. Or your art teachers didn’t know what to do with your particular gift. I’m not saying that anyone can do anything, but these things don’t just magically appear. I look at myself now and see so much that was untapped, unseen, unexplored when I was young. I just needed the right key to unlock it. Well…better late than never!

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  1. Wow. What an awesome interpretation of that photo. I love what you did with it. Can’t believe it is on journal paper as it turned out so great in watercolor. Gosh Laura you are exponentially growing in your talent. So awesome to watch. 👍👍👍😊

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        1. Thanks! It’s pretty wet and loose so it’s easy to get into muddy waters (like the rose the other day). I really need to watch my water and probably especially the water coming in on my brush. This was fun though, just splishsplashed all over. The art journal is a great place to experiment….and no one has to see it if it goes awry. Bonus. (Thank you, Jill, if you’re reading this)

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    1. Thanks, Jill! Lately I’ve been gravitating to ink, especially with the birds I’ve been sketching. Can’t resist adding some color here and there! I’m glad you like this one – it was fun and lots of color, right up your alley, lady! I hope your day goes smoothly – have you already been chosen, or are you going there hoping you won’t be? I always get called, Vic never has, and wants to be! He’d love to be on a jury too! I’ve never been put on a jury because years ago I worked for an attorney. That seems to scare the lawyers away from me. lol.

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    1. Thanks, Teresa! It’s so odd…the more I do art, the more I want to do it. I think drawing at night is helping too. As I become a bit more polished, I look at a drawing and it goes one of two ways. Either it’s bad, which makes me wanna go again so I can improve it, or it’s good, which makes me wanna do another one to see what happens next! The so-so ones do tend to make me wanna put the journal down for the night. lol. Thanks as always for your cheerleading! 👏👍😀💃

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      1. Thanks Laura :-). Yes, I’m see-sawing between a few August bird contenders. Speaking of birds, I took a closer look at your avatar just now. It is a ring-billed gull right? Very cool shot. The wing has an interesting curve to it.

        I’m enjoying your watercolor excitement. You’re getting really good!

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        1. I think so, yes. I was lucky to get that shot. Hub was throwing bread crumbs so I could get birds in flight. I was determined to draw them when we were at the beach last October. Last August is when my whole art obsession thing started. Lol.

          Oh, thank you. It’s a very very slow process, but I’m enjoying it. Maybe this is why I’ve been drawing so much lately. I feel I can make progress more quickly in that avenue. I love color but controlling the flow of the water and gauging it isn’t really my strong suit. I’m glad you see some improvement! I do feel like I’m starting to find my own loose style.

          Looking forward to seeing your work later this week! :))))

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          1. I suppose most bird photographs are lucky, unless someone has a trained bird. Sweet of Hub to support your gull photographing adventure :-).

            Maybe if you keep playing with watercolors… in a year or two… water flow will be your strong suit. You definitely seem to be discovering a lot about it.

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