Petals & Plumage

I enjoyed making yesterday’s painting so much (in my mixed media journal) that I thought I’d try to make a few adjustments, and recreate it on watercolor paper.   Thanks again to Bella, for the fabulous photo!

5 x 7" Arches 140# CP
5 x 7″ Arches 140# CP

If you prefer one over the other, I’d love to hear which one!   I seem to be pretty hooked on coneflowers lately, hehe.

I hope you’re making a splash somewhere wonderful today!   Peace.

42 thoughts on “Petals & Plumage

  1. These colors are pretty, but will you be mad if I like yesterday’s background more? 🙂 I love the softness of yesterday’s background and the details of the bird and flowers. Just my opinion though – and you know what they say about opinions! LOL! Happy Tuesday

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    1. Not at all, thanks! I think the flowers in yesterday’s had more depth and contrast, but painting on the weekend usually means having more time to add more in. Maybe it’s the absorbency of the paper too – the journal can’t absorb as much, so the color is probably more vibrant. Thanks for your honest opinion, Jodi, that’s what I was after. Something about this design I really like though……may try and fine tune it. I feel like this kind of thing loses something when I think about it though. Or fuss and fiddle, even in my brain. You know? lol

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  2. Hi Laura – if you are asking for favorites I do like yesterday’s. This painting today makes happy though because of the bright color. Now you need to paint a third for a triptych.
    Have a wonderful day.

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      1. I think what happened is the background took over the painting. The bird and flowers get lost. Add some darker background tones around the bird and flowers. Have fun.

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  3. Oh, such a cute birdie!!! Very nice coloring! Those coneflowers are really pretty. Think I´ll try them out after my bird I´ll start tomorrow for Draw-A-Bird-Day. Thanks for inspiring me once again, Laura! 💛

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