Smiling to Life

I’ve been very fortunate to find many kindred spirits here on WordPress who love art, photography, flowers…and Beth, of Beth’s Floral Photography and Smiling to Life ( loves all three, and is a lovely person, to boot!  Beth graciously gave me permission to paint an image of poppies she photographed from her own garden. The images can be found here. Beth has over 100,000 images (!!!) in her collection, and you can find her work for sale at this link, as well. These are amazing images, truly. Thank you most kindly, Beth!


I’m still working on my florals, and particularly in watercolor, they present a challenge. I was about to sign this one off as an art fail, but Hub said I should post it. So here it is. I hope to improve on it next time out!

Happy Friday to one and all, and do I need to mention tail feathers?! I didn’t think so. Peace, and Happy Weekend ahead!   Don’t forget Draw A Bird day tomorrow, for anyone who’d like to join in!

45 thoughts on “Smiling to Life

    1. Hi Beverly, I’m on my tablet right now but I believe if you check out my cardinal post from yesterday, that one should have a link to A-Wing and A Way’s original post about the official DAB day on April 8. We all enjoyed the first one so much and many of us didn’t know til it was too late… I thought it might be cool to draw a bird on the eighth of every month and lots of people liked it, so I just keep the torch carried on, so to speak. This month I do plan to make a post afterward to everyone who participated so we can all see each other’s work. But you’d just post your bird on your blog. There’s no communal place to post it. Although that would be cool!

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    1. Thanks, Jodi. I did this one on the back of the rose art fail that faded into the mist, so to speak lol. Honestly I was tired and rushed. As always. I think if I had some time to do this properly it would have turned out better but it’s not easy to do flowers in watercolor I don’t think. Well, they’re not easy in any medium I’ve tried. Much easier to do those abstract poppies. Hehe. Anyway thanks for your comment, as always. 💛


  1. Hi Laura! I am speechless, honoured and humbled!!! Thank you so much.
    Your drawing is excellent. If my photos have a mind, they would be very jealous…
    Thanks again! Happy Friday Laura; looking forward to admiring your bird drawing 🙂

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    1. Aww, thank you so much, Beth. I was afraid I’d let you down with this one, and maybe would also let you down by not doing it! So I took Hub’s advice and posted it. You have sooooo many gorgeous images. I just hope I become talented enough, ever, to be able to do any of them justice. Thank you, I’m glad you like this! 💛 Yours is the only opinion that matters today. 😊

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      1. I did like your watercolour of home- grown poppy. It’s a beautiful poppy to remember…Your husband is right, you can’t keep it/ them secret. We are your viewers…
        Have a wonderful Friday😊😊😊

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  2. I think it’s lovely Laura! ❤️ I don’t believe you can fail in art unless you stop creating! There is always a lesson to be learned for the next painting. So paint away my friend!!! 🌈💚🎨

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