That Time? (Draw A Bird Day, August reprise)

Can’t believe a whole month has gone by since the last Draw A Bird Day (reprise) was celebrated on July 8! I hope both participants and viewers enjoyed creating / checking out the bird art!   Here is the post from A-Wing and A-Way that informed us all of the official Draw A Bird Day holiday on April 8.

0808 DAB Aug

This month, I plan to do a recap blog post in a couple of days with a link to everyone’s bird art work. I don’t want to miss anyone, so please add a comment on this blog post if you’d like to be included in that recap!

The photo I found for this drawing was very helpful, as I wanted to see how detailed I could get with my little bird this time.   Lyn Topinka of was kind enough to give me permission to use her photo, which can be found at this link.   The kindness and generosity of photographers and artists alike continues to amaze me.   Thank you so much, Lyn, for sharing your photos with the world on your site!   This photo shows so much detail that it became a road map for my pen lines.   It is a joy to draw with a photo such as this.

It’s Saturday, and summer is beginning to wind down.   Make the most of it in whatever way will refresh you best!   Peace and happy chirping to all today!

89 thoughts on “That Time? (Draw A Bird Day, August reprise)

    1. Thanks! I’m enjoying the detail too, after painting in watercolor for so many days where detail is something you pretty much ever give up getting to (or at least I do) and the best I can pray for is to “suggest”. It’s been nice to draw with a good pen with a really tight shot and just see what can be done. I’m enjoying it. It’s kind of addictive, actually, and I never thought I’d say that about pen!

      Re the recap, what I’d like to do is do a post in a couple of days with a link to everyone’s bird art who participated in Draw A Bird Day. I should have been doing this all along! Thanks for participating; love your cranes! I thought you said birds weren’t your strong suit?! Birds in flight in particular I think are much harder so kudos!

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  1. O M G ! It is time to quit your day job! !!!!
    Can I buy this one from you? I want to be the first customer of a famous artist! My hub would love this drawing.
    Bravo Laura!!!👍💜👏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏👏👏👏🏾👏🏾👏🏿

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    1. Jodi, you are making me smile and laugh this morning! Kindest comment ever! I’m so glad you like it! I did this one in my art journal, but I am planning to do a series of birds on good paper. Haven’t decided on the paper yet, but I’m really enjoying working in ink! And I am thinking about setting up a shop before the holidays. Not sure which platform, but I do want to get serious about this, I think. Thanks as always for your encouragement. I’ll see if my printer can scan this and make a Giclee poster out of it, and if she can, I’d be glad to send it to you on the house! Without all of your encouragement right from the beginning, Jodi, I may not still be here doing this in August! Your light shines bright, my friend! The actual bird is 6.25″ high by 4.75″ wide. Not sure what size print you’d like? You tell me, and if she can make it happen, it’s yours. You made my morning! Thank you so much! 💛💛💛💛💛

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      1. Just back from a 4-mile walk with Charlie 🙂 We are pooped – but I couldn’t wait to show Marty your bird drawing. He said “Oh My!”

        Laura – it is EXTRAORDINARY! You are so gifted in this area.

        I have to laugh that your printer is a girl – LOL! If “she can make it happen” 🙂

        So if she can, that would be so lovely of you! I am so excited for you to open a little shop!

        And – if you ever want to visit Mars 🙂 – you can deliver it personally and we could visit!

        Seems funny that I feel like you are such a close buddy and I don’t even know what you look like come to think of it. How about a self portrait or pic of you one of these days so we all can see the outside beauty of the inside beauty we have all come to know and love! 🙂 xo

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        1. Lol no my printer is a human! Her business is art and she is a friend and client. Her Giclee printers take up most of her living room and she told me months back that should could produce archival posters for me so that I could sell art prints, should I decide to go that route. The art journal has a spiral binding and between that and the size, not sure she’ll be able to blow it up very large. What size print would you like?

          I’ve tried two self-portraits and both bombed (no huge surprise) but they were from photos. I’ve been told to try from the mirror so I will try again! Thank you! :))

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            1. No worries; you’ve got used to my wacky sense of humor, and I probably would do this if I had such a printer! My printer friend did name all three of her printers lol! Boy I wish I knew anything about art. She could probably make an 8×10 out of this without too much distortion, but would you want a picture that large of just a partial bird with no background? I have a lot to learn about composition lol. I don’t want to send you something that won’t work with your decor. Oh and please tell Marty thank you for his kind remark as well! 💛💛💛


    1. Aww, thank you, Ann! Would I be crazy do you think, if I tried to do a series of bird drawings in ink, and put them for sale? I feel like they need backgrounds though! And something more than just a bird in the picture. I have a lot to learn about composition! Thanks so much for your sweet encouragement and I love all of your rainbow colored hearts! 💛💜💛💜💛

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      1. You´re welcome, Laura!!! ❤️ I wouldn´t think you´re crazy because you´re really good by now and I bet there are buyers for your bird-art. What I learned about composition so far (and it´s only experience, not a professional opinion): Less is more. It´s a German quote, don´t know if it works in English. What I want to say: You gotta leave room for imagination. It´s like the white in the watercolor paintings. You gotta leave empty space. That´s why I love for example classical Chinese art. There is often just one item on the painting, no background added. It stands for itself. It´s beautiful enough alone. Like your bird. I don´t think it (or others) would need a background. Maybe some branch because it wants to sit somewhere. Or some light watercolor wash, only on some areas. Your birds are great – ah, now I know the English quote I was looking for: Keep it simple! 😊 Waiting for your bird-art to come! Do it, Lady!!! 💕

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        1. Less is more is def an English one too; I think someone said this to me yesterday about my poppy. Thank you, Ann; I think you made a great point right there. I love your idea re a light wash just here and there too. Great ideas, thanks so much, Ann! My wheels are spinning already! 💛💛💛

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      1. I think it’s PERFECT as it is! Really FANTASTIC! I’d buy a print from you! 😊 But I understand that it is hard to think that the image is enough but it REALLY is here! What you are creating is what most of us cannot do! And you are doing it so beaUtiFul!! YAY! Laura!!! 💜🎨🌟🌈😊

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        1. You’re so sweet, thanks Jill! You know, I’ve seen lots of improvement in my drawings since drawing every day in my journal – which you encouraged me to keep! So once again I have to thank you for suggesting that journal. I’m really enjoying looking back in there. Do you have several of these on your shelves? So inspiring! Thanks again, Jill!! 💛💛💛


        2. I also want to add that the artwork YOU create is the type of thing I would be so frustrated if I even TRIED to do it. IMO God planned it this way; we all have something the world needs/wants. I think the journey is about discovering what that is and then nurturing and feeding it so it can grow bigger and bigger. My two cents, for what they’re worth!


    1. Awww thank you so much! That’s very kind. 😀 I’m really looking forward to drawing more. I really love birds and always have. But I couldn’t draw them at this time last year to save my mortal soul! (No lie, I should post my bird drawings from last year; I think I saved a few.)

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  2. Heeeey! You and I are on the same wavelength! While I didn’t draw a bird just for this occasion, I shared a painting I did a while back of American Goldfinches on a sunflower. Your drawing is gorgeous! Really gorgeous!

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  3. I was totally going to try this Laura (as I’ve actually never tried to sketch a bird yet! Hehe) but missed it yesterday. 😦
    May still try something today though anyway as it’s a subject I haven’t tackled yet! LOVE seeing the ones others have done, it’s inspiring! 🙂

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        1. How about with perspective, Charlie? Same, just practice? Or would it help to really study perspective? I’d like to do more buildings, but especially for any type of cityscape, I feel like my perspective would really be out of whack.


          1. I think just a basic understanding of one and two point perspective is fine, but honestly, I would worry as much about perspective and focus on observation which you’re awesome at. If things are out a little out of whack it just adds character! I just sort of pick a point that my horizontal lines will converge toward…are vertical lines are straight up and down, so that part’s easy! 😉

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              1. I simplify it because the technical pure perspective makes things look too mechanical. Hehe… I just observe the scene and sort of get the angle of the top of the building and the bottom to be right-ish, lines toward the middle straighten out and then curve again and all vertical lines are straight up and down. Just try getting the outer contour to feel sort of right of each side of the building that you see, and then move inside for the other lines.

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    1. I am kind of in love with it. Still shocked! But for stuff like this…..I don’t know, the medium just seems to fit. Have you don’t furry creatures in ink? I think I’d like to try that. But the question is: When do you add watercolor, how do you know when to add it to a
      piece? *off to see yours, so excited!!!*. 💛💛💛

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      1. Hmm, I did a cat once with stippling when I first learned ink, but other than that I can’t remember if I have… You should totally try some! How fun to explore the new mediums! As for adding the watercolor, you can do it before, while in the works, or after. For my latest lavender piece I added the pen at the end because it was lacking a “pop” I was wanting. 🙂

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