I didn’t have time to make art for today’s post (eek)! So I had to improvise and pull something from my art journal instead.   This was done with my Cotman travel palette, which I really do enjoy.

0809 1

It was based on this photo from Steven at Ordinary Handsome. This painting, posted last week, was my third attempt at interpreting this photo. I’ve never had an image call me back so many times, so thank you once again, Steven!

I wish all of you a beautiful and blissful Sunday.   Peace.

31 thoughts on “Undone

    1. When I sit down to watch TV at night (usually the baseball game), I’m drawing, sketching, painting, it seems I never just watch! I have to use any speck of time that’s available. Much like you when watching Jeopardy! 💛💛 We have to grab every second we can.

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      1. Yes, we do! 🙂 I feel less guilty about watching TV if I’m knitting/crocheting/drawing/etc. at the same time. My son reminds me that multitasking lowers one’s I.Q., but I feel like I’m using different enough parts of my brain that it’s ok. 😉 ❤

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